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Desc:Probably one of the greatest comedy diss raps ever. Your vag look like Janet Reno.
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:NYC, New York City, Janet Reno, awkwafina, my vag
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Comment count is 14
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
These Harvard med school parody videos are getting out of hand.
Born in the RSR
Yeah, that was pretty fun.
Her vag is better than some other vag, and vag in general is better than penis.
The Mothership
My vag is ornamental, Your vag is a 5-hour PBS special.

That guy
'Damn' as in: you like this bit??

Roasted yoni!

That guy
her rhyme: just the vowels
my rhyme disembowels

my rhyme lands like judo
her rhyme way off like pluto

her rhyme was demoted in astronomy
my rhyme is molecular gastronomy

but my rhyme stays cut and chiseled
while her rhyme gets fat and grizzled

her rhyme: all reference
my rhyme: no deference

my rhyme: sometimes internal
her rhyme: always infernal

her rhyme: PR for her own slit
my rhyme B R I N Gs it

her rhyme ill like a velcro stink-wallet
my rhyme fresh so that I can think-brawl-it

her rhyme covered in grool
my rhyme hoverin' tool

her rhyme still braggin' bout her gash
my rhyme drag her rhyme out like trash

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
judo and pluto dont really rhyme

That guy
Whether it's off rhyme or not is part of the schtick here. She's just sayin' stuff that shares like 1 vowel sound with the previous line. That's the point of my first two couplets, numbnuts. (Also, have you heard how Americans say 'water'? Judo and Pluto are off rhyme in Ireland, but here it's anybody's guess.)

Do you want to talk about the s/z thing in the 4th couplet while you're at it? Because there's plenty of crap to talk about in her shit.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
yeah, rhyming genius with penis annoys me. She should have rhymed genius with penius.

assonance counts

That guy
assonance is nerf rhyme, and she's not even doing that half of the time
she set her standards on easy mode, and half her rhetoric and references still suck

half my shit sucks but I'm not acting like someone should pay me for coming up with dumb couplets


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