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Desc:Because if you're a faggot lover, you know that spice is a complication just not worth risking.
Tags:faggots, faggotry
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Comment count is 17
Oscar Wildcat
Oh god I know too many boring old queens. Where are the spicy faggots of yesteryear? Freddy Mercury, we miss you!
That guy
Kids don't like them. You can spice them up yourself when you get home.
That guy
meant as replysalg;hjdflkjghsdflkjah

il fiore bel
Our faggots get covered in gravy sometimes too...
Pearly white gravy

That guy
These are like faggots for me, but to each his own:

Lashings of gravy

Everything about this commercial that suggests nobody involved was sure that a commercial for this product was even necessary.

"Faggots exist, and we sell them" would be more effective.
sorry I called you an asshat earlier, cognitive dissonance. quality submission
Your words cut me like knives, I haven't slept since. Your apology is valued and has spared me much agony.

whatever I just wanted to be nice

Caminante Nocturno
Kids don't like spicy faggots.

They could have found a spokesperson who was less cynical towards faggots.
Caminante Nocturno
Maybe he wouldn't be so cynical if faggots weren't so spicy all the time.

We're all willing to try something at LEAST once!
"Hello faggot lovers everywhere" should start more commercials.
I really don't like faggots. I might be willing to try a faggot with different spices, just to see how they taste, but no promises.
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