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Desc:The greater of two evils concedes to Donald Trump.
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:schadenfreude, poetic justice, election 2016, ted cruz, dull witted beady eyed Texan sociopath
Submitted:Caminante Nocturno
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Comment count is 34
I dunno, man. Trump is scary because you don't know what the hell he's going to actually do. His views and statements on any one subject seem to change daily.

For all we know he might drop out and spend the rest of the election cycle hawking a book/TV series. Or he wins he tries to become dictator and deports/bans all brown people. Every public park is turned into a trump golf course. All public signage must be in gold leaf. He'll start wars to get enough resources to rebuild the white house in gold.
Hopefully the system of checks and balances is still a thing. We will need a lot of that on his bad days.

He's going to combine the foreign policy of Bernie Sanders with the domestic policy of Ted DiBiase.

Oscar Wildcat
I hadn't given that aspect much thought, but yeah, each incoming president gets to remodel the interiors of the Whitehouse. His presidency will no doubt prove entertaining.

I could be whistling past the graveyard here, but after W., it's hard to imagine a worse president. Don is not an idiot, despite his campaign shenanigans. He's also not in anyone's pockets. The comparison to Putin is probably worthwhile to consider. I think the real question mark around Donald Trump is whether he will be able to act in _anyones_ interest but his own. That's still an improvement over the usual run of things, where the money'd interests dominate the discussion.

All every other human on earth has to do is not obey his orders.

The scary part is knowing that there are tens of millions of Americans, many of whom work in law enforcement and other powerful jobs, that have always, and will always, desire to obey the kind of orders Trump would give.

It doesn't even require Trump, really, just them. Trump could be a set of randomly drawn index cards of bad ideas and they would jump on it. No one is voting for candidates, they are voting to give or remove power from certain ideological power centers in society.

They could be marbles drawn out of a bag.

Sexy Duck Cop
Trump is not scary because he will not be President. think of him like a vaccine for stupidity; normal people get a tiny amount, learn how to reject it, and come out better for it.

Trump is scary because the next Trump style candidate will have learned from his mistakes, and there will be more.

We should've known Republicans would never vote for a Latino. Or a Canadian.
Everybody is various shades of terrible.

All those conspiracy theorists angsting about Obama pulling a Dr. Evil and getting a third term? You know what? I'd rather have that than a choice between Goldman Sachs honey dicking for a redux of de-regulation or the HYDRA candidate over there.
And I work for a bank so I damned well KNOW the Big Banks are salivating because they smell a chance to de-regulate the industry again. It's all they effing talk about in those optional classes we take.

Greater of two evils? Now, just a gosh darn tootin' minute there, Canimante I :steps forward and accidentally biffs Heidi in the face with elbow:
That guy
How can we measure the evils at this point, for fuck's sake?

Vice President Ted Cruz!
Vice President Sanders.

Seriously, a Trump/Sanders ticket would end the election right now. Fingers crossed!

Caminante Nocturno
The only acceptable answer is for Trump to clone himself and run as his own vice president.

Trump could pick his own poo for VP and folks would still vote for him.

That's because his own poo is a better choice than Hillary.

Killer Joe

Caminante Nocturno
They said poo, not ghoul.

Mike Rowe

Oscar Wildcat
I'm guessing Marco Rubio: he needs to shore up support with hispanics/latinos and how else is that gonna happen? Plus he doesn't have to go back on his campaigning, "little Marco" as second fiddle plays right in to the rhetoric.

Ana Navaro, the Republican Strategist. She has been on CNN calling Trump everything but a white boy his entire campaign. Getting her on board would bring a lot of the haters over. She's blatantly smarter than he is, so she might also bring over some actual Republicans.


One has ridden the Tea Party's back all the way to an assured nomination, promising what amounts to a racial cleansing on Day One. Is rich, and loud, and unstable. Should he win, he will need babysitting by a very vigilant House and Senate.

One committed a heinous, potentially treasonous crime and has been bought and paid for by Big Bank, ensuring the next financial crisis is two years around the corner, and that's being generous.

The other wanted to toss separation of church and state to the winds, appoint wine Justices to the Supreme Court and usher in a state of theocratic fascism. Also proved he wasn't above choosing his narcissism over human beings, literally, by shaking hands all around after his Vice Presidential pick plummeted offstage.

Greater of evils conceded, you say? There's a lot of evil here.
Sexy Duck Cop
If Goldman Sachs offered you 600k for an hour-long speech and you declined, you're either Jesus or a liar.

Now America will never know what it's like to have a melted Grandpa Munster candle for president.
At least is muay Thai is looking better:

The Mothership
We need Vermin Supreme now more than ever.
http://www.clickhole.com/article/tough-call-ted-cruz-announced-hes -suspending-his-c-4127
Void 71
And with him goes the old GOP establishment. The party is irreversibly changed even if some of the dinosaurs stick around for a while.
...is exactly what people said in 2008, and again in 2010.

Cruz was a pariah among the old GOP establishment, they were fucked even if he won.

More worrisome to them should be the trend of high profile republicans announcing their support for Clinton since Cruz dropped out.

Spaceman Africa
So how long until a Republican schism along the lines of an inverse of the Dixiecrats?
10 days, give or take.

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