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Desc:No dialogue, no reason, barely any music. Just a whole playlist of pure kaiju snuff.
Category:Nature & Places, Stunts
Tags:kaiju, serial killer, Red Man, Ultraman was a pussy
Submitted:Sanest Man Alive
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Comment count is 9
goddamn right I tipped the scales! GENIUS! do you hear me?!
2:40 especially...GENIUS I TELL YOU!


being 40ft tall doesn't mean much when you fight on a planet at your scale.
So does he have a friend called Method Man?
God damn it I came in here to make the same joke and I'd have done it better too.

Was there going to be a weed joke?

Buddy of mine described Red Man as a "kaiju snuff film."
Sanest Man Alive
Pretty much every short consists of:
Red Man takes a jog through the wilderness,
Red Man encounters a kaiju doing precisely fuckall in the middle of nowhere,
Red Man mercilessly beats the monster to death.

It's admirable in its purity.

It's worth watching the other parts on YT; the cinematography is often as weird and disturbing as the sound. One segment starts from a fixed camera across a dry creek bed, slowly zooming in on the beatdown in progress. this view lasts for half the fight in question.
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