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Desc:Featuring Sebastian di Modica of 'Kitchen Nightmares' fame.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Trailers
Tags:black people, douchebag, ACTING!, kitchen nightmares, horrible movie infinity
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Comment count is 12
That guy
...holy crap, some of the shots in this trailer! I guess I'll pick 0:18-0:20 as my favorite example of how not to everything. Though 1:27-1:30 has a certain pointless je-ne-sais-quoi.

I saw another pretty bad trailer of a different kind in the related poop:
blink transitions between wad of 100s, yacht in dock, girls in clubs doing nothing, guys in suits getting let out of shiny cars, sunglasses at night...a movie trailer or a music video? I guess since we don't have an artist lip syncing lyrics with his face in the camera making funny arm motions means it's maybe a movie trailer.

That guy
Let's look at first 5 shots in trailer.
1) city looming - not bad
2) Is that really the framing you wanted on the upper right? Ok fine. Passable.
3) It's already gone to hell with that gun action + lens flare.
4) tough guys on low comfy couches. Lip sync almost matches different line of dialogue.
5) Youngest guy in the room is the boss, and talks about back in the day. Ok fine.
Bonus shot: He's a cop because we say he's a cop. Just believe it.

"Straight to DVD," as Ramsay would say.
Man, I love watching this shit. These movies usually wind up on Amazon Prime or as a cheap digital rental. Totally worth it.
DSLR tag pls
That guy
Canon Rebel T2i :c

But if they had better lighting, composition/framing, post, and just overall point to the shots, they could shoot it on a potato and it'd look better than this.

You guys haven't even seen this film. You're judging it because you're racist. Stop that.
I kept waiting for them to talk about God and they never did. It seemed way off of the tone of the film to not make it about God.

That guy
Try harder, EH.

*Please* stop that?

Killer Joe
And those three guys walked out of the hotel, to the tracks, and just kept on walking.
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