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Desc:wtf is this crap?
Category:Stunts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:heroin, white people, obama, macklemore, white rapper
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Comment count is 12
So anyone else's antivirus freaking out about poetv.com being a phishing site?
No, maybe it's a problem with your bank? What's your account number?

If your anti-virus gives you a tech support number and a big flashing message like "Make Your Windows Fast", call that number and do everything they say.

Actually have a customer that googled "Windows tech support" and some scammer or incompetent idiot talked him into paying 0 to help him register MS Office, which he couldn't do anyhow.

Makes me depressed to realize how rich I could be if my morals were more flexible or non existant

i make a lot of money off google ads for computer tech support, usually i just drive out and run malwarebytes and a registry cleaner and that to them is worth at least 100

5 stars for the casual 1 star and orc's 5 star/reply.

Oscar Wildcat
Macklemore is the quintessential modern artist. I know his name, and that's it. I've seen him perform on one of those awards shows, and I couldn't for the life of me bring to mind a tune or lyrics. All I remember was being struck by the fact that he went out into the audience, he was surrounded by teenage girls who, rather than trying to rip his clothes off, were struggling to take a picture of themselves standing next to him. He didn't even seem to exist at that point, rather like one of those cardboard cutout dolls of famous people you'd see at the boardwalk.

I mean, can't you even be a decent junkie, Mack? Prescription pain pills? Jesus, that is _so_ lame.
All I know about him is from that cartoon where he saved the gays from being grounded.

Macklemore made a cartoon PSA?

What planet do you think this is?
Destiny planet, that's what.

Maggot Brain
How about for the next one Obama and Kesha talk about sexual assault in the work place. No?
Caminante Nocturno
Man, don't waste the President's time like this.
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