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Desc:96' 'trainumentary' made for SEGA Test Dept. USA
Category:Video Games, Business
Tags:video games, 90s, Sega
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Comment count is 9
You know what's better than working at Sega?

Last night's Monday Night RAW!

Especially near the end of Unfriended where I lost connection and everyone was panicking that the ghost got me.

I do have a bone to pick with whoever claimed Unfriended was a great movie that wasn't just "the tweets are coming from inside the house!", because you couldn't get a more accurate description than that.
Binro the Heretic
Yeah, I was hoping it would turn out in the end that everyone else was still alive & well and had staged all the creepy shit to fuck with the one person who uploaded the video to guilt them into confessing.

Too much creativity to hope for, I suppose.

Binro be careful, you're talking to a ghost.

So do you think they actually got permission to use the audio from the Spinal Tap opening in this? Somehow I doubt it.
Kid Fenris
I bet some of these people are the reason we never got Monster World IV, Alien Soldier, Trouble Shooter 2, or Pulseman in North America! Up yours, Sega Test!
Sanest Man Alive
grumble grumble Surging Aura grumble grumble

They're probably also part of the reason Working Designs got away with fucking with game code so heavily in their localizations.

Sanest Man Alive
"Alright, GAME GEAR!" -said nobody in the real world, ever.

And poor Pico, abused and neglected even in its own time... oh wait, it was the Pico, who cares.
Game Gear was far better than that boring brick with the spinach green screen.

Cena - You mean the Nintendo 3DS, which has sold nearly 60 million units and proves that Nintendo is still the world's hottest mobile gaming company, nearly twenty years after SEGA went bye-bye?

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