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Desc:More like Everything Is Awesome with this low rent 80s Lethal Weapon wannabe.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:explosions, car chase, panama, Everything is Terrible, Action USA
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Killer Joe
The manliest dude alive, ever, at the beginning sure turned out to be a disappointment, all not escaping like 4 vehicle transfers then getting shot like a bitch.
His dying words helped, but still...
McBain has inoculated me against the worst of 80s style action movies.

I was raised on action movies and beer, and both were worthless to my life until I saw McBain.


Holy shit, McBain only GROSSED 0k!


It also came out 8 months after the McBain character first appeared on The Simpsons, conceivably making it so that it inspired the movie.

I want to believe.


I dunno, this looks kinda awesome to me.
1:28 Charlie Rose? No!
blue vein steel
Nick Kroll, action hero
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