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Desc:But what kind of evil magician? A Wombmancer? A Whorserer?
Category:Religious, Science & Technology
Tags:orson wells, Abortion, Patton Oswalt, Samantha Bee
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Comment count is 10
It just flat-out says, "This video is not available." Is it because I'm Canadian and they don't even want to bother explaining to me any more that I can't watch things?
Born in the RSR
Same in Romania :(

Try here: http://samanthabee.com/episode/11/clip/crisis-pregnancy-centers/

Born in the RSR
Thanks. That was very nice for you.

Born in the RSR
"of you", god damn it!

Sanest Man Alive
The mother's testimony here, especially re: the medical scares and the difficulties of actually raising her kid after, is something that needs to be played repeatedly in people's faces whenever this discussion comes up. Anti-choice assholes don't give a damn about babies or life in general; they are lying filth who only live to punish women for fucking in the vilest way possible.
One life saved...with LIES LIES LIES!!!!!

stars for Patton's efforts here.
I'll just leave this feel-good story of the century right here...

http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/02/it-isnt-j ustice-for-purvi-patel-to-serve-20-years-in-prison-for-an-abortion

The URL words are bullshit, by the way, she didn't have an abortion, she had a miscarriage.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Hooray! I thought this was doomed!

The "EVIL MAGICIAN" Patton is playing here is actually Orson Welles in his last completed film "F for Fake"


I was just watching this on Hulu, for the first time in decades, and I'm more impressed than before at Oswalt's take on Welles.
Maggot Brain
Oswald's parody has a coherent plot, everything Welles did after The Magnificent Ambersons is just... I don't want to say "bad" but I'll say it like this; I can tell you how Touch of Evil and F for Fake begin but I have no clue as to how they end.

If Oswald was to do a full on spoof it would have need a good third of the running time devoted to Oswald wax-poetic on his salad days in New York and how his wife may or may have not dated Pablo Picasso.

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