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Desc:This is not done by machine, folks!
Category:Educational, Business
Tags:candy, hard candy, handmade
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Comment count is 8
I've seen them do this at one of the fancy malls in Bangkok. They look cool but as a candy they don't look all that appetizing.
It's like cakes with the fancy decorative candy icing. They look good, but they suck.

There's nothing intrinsically bad tasting about these, just depends on the recipe that's used.

Candy canes are made the exact same way.

Binro the Heretic
SolRo's right. The handmade image candy from that Lofty Pursuits place is really excellent. They use a variety of flavors, though, not just plain sugar with a bit of citric acid.

But candy canes are terrible!

I was hoping to find a copy of this video that didn't give away the ending (as I saw it on social media). Still interesting, though.
I want to play with molten sugar.
Killer Joe
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