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Desc:A COMPLETELY different quirky japanese guy plays NEW console games
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:Nintendo, Japan, consoles, GameCenter CX, gamecenter dx
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Fuck that website, it set chrome to full screen, removed access to the resize icons and popped a new tab.
You sure your ad blocking is up to date?

Sic Semper Chromeusers.

I was skeptical at first, but Gachou's pretty good and the episode was enjoyable. Hopefully Toujima-sama will be able to build an entire media empire out of GC-CX spinoff series.
Even EX and FX make perfect sense. GX is taken by Yu-ago-Oh.

*Yu-Gi-Oh. Autocorrect is terrible.

The guy is actually Hamaguchi, Arino's comedy partner (in Yoiko). I can't believe I came out of lurking just to say that.
Oh shit, you're right! He looks so old now.

Well, I mean, not THAT old, but different enough that it's shocking.

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