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themilkshark - 2016-05-30

Artists are both applauded and derided for having a point of view that can't be fabricated.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-05-30

this man is a living legend.

lotsmoreorcs - 2016-05-30

pablo picasso, steve jobs, walt disney, kanye west

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-05-31

all of those people are DEAD

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-05-31

They were also all great salesmen and famous frauds.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-05-30

I wish I could click all the star buttons above this editbox for the line about how much Kanye could improve all of our lives if only he had 56 million dollars.

Also: could you imagine more horrible dinner companions than Kanye West and Mark Zuckerburg? That's like the 21st century answer to Sartre's No Exit.

15th - 2016-05-30

No kidding.

misterbuns - 2016-05-30

The sarah palin of hip hop

That guy - 2016-05-30


bongoprophet - 2016-05-30

I love Kanye

15th - 2016-05-30

A large part of any fantasy of celebrity I've had involves going off the rails and becoming detached from reality. Probably best that I'm a nobody. Godspeed Kanye.

themilkshark - 2016-05-30

Like Adam Sandler in basketball shorts on Conan detached?

15th - 2016-05-30

Not that dark. Jesus.

That guy - 2016-05-31

fuckin' classic

memedumpster - 2016-05-30

Straight Outta Compt Breakfast Buffet With Your Stay At Holiday Inn.

Maggot Brain - 2016-05-30

I act like Kanye to amuse my dog. "Do you know who I am, little dog? I'm Kanye and you're in the khan's way! You can't even fathom what it's like to be me, I see shapes as colors and colors as numbers! I'm the voice of this and the next generation! Hahaha, my life is amazing! *sigh* I miss my Mom."

Oktay - 2016-05-30

I'm no psychiatrist but that kid seems a little loopy at times. And don't even get me started on the guest -- he's just plain nuts.

EvilHomer - 2016-05-30

Who are these people?

Gmork - 2016-05-30

Kanye West, a music producer and "artist", and Ellen DeGeneres, an ex-comedian turned talk-show host.

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