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Desc:shouty asbergers at its finest
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:autism, frank miller
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Comment count is 9
5 for that voice and nothing else.

Whatever point he was trying to make is lost in a high pitched whine. I tried. Stopped after the crotch kick at 24:03. more than any person should deal with.
Born in the RSR
yeah I'm all for in-depth comic review videos, but this guy's voice is awful.

I've seen a few of his videos, and between his horrible whiny voice, screamy faux-spergrage and terrible "comedy" segments, I just can't make it through. Even though I'm interested in the subject.

Nostalgia Critic and AVGN and all those guys have the same problem, it's not their comedic genius or charisma that made them popular, its the subject matter.

Maggot Brain
Really! He sounds like Chris Chan!

Once or twice I thought he was this guy:


Binro the Heretic
He's the critic Frank Miller deserves.
was it a requirement that to be on the nostalgia critic's crew, the first word that came to mind about your personality was "excruciating" or was that just a coincidence
Can these folks really call themselves critics? All they do is rag on garbage.

Not every Internet cult of personality has a crew made of Rich, Jack, and Jay. Most of the YouTube critics and caricatures I follow have a completely intolerable crew.

I like Screen Junkies, but when any of them other than epic voice guy talks, it's intolerable, making their other shows a crime against humanity that goes on for hours and hours while the earth begs the universe for death.

I like TotalBiscuit, but his crew is pure nerd opinion acid thrown in your underage Muslim girl face on your way home from your grandmother's hospital bed because you are a whore who has defied Nerdallah.

All the Rooster Teeth folks are okay by me, actually, they're really nice guys.

Yahtzee, never stop working alone.

Jim, Gavin, Laura, you're all my waifu.
Binro the Heretic
Yahtzee works pretty well with Gabe on "Let's Drown Out" but it's really less about game criticism and more about being a couple of cynical wise-asses.

Yahtzee still does "Zero Punctuation" solo and it's the better for it.

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