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Desc:Four new elements named on the same day. Never been done before, bro!
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:chemistry, nottingham, Periodic Table of Videos, science hair
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 8
That guy
He's like Central Casting's perfect child molester.
I was thinking maybe he was Gary Spivey's older brother.

He's a scientist, he doesn't have to care about his hair. Einstein was too busy discovering relativity to tame his wild locks.

Oscar Wildcat
A 'fro like that is fairly high maintenance, he spends quite a bit of time on it I think.

Oscar Wildcat
Somewhere in Las Vegas Bob Lazar is cursing and fuming. 115 ain't any more stable than the rest of them.
This guy is the origin of the "science hair" tag.


I didn't mean that to be my comment really. I'm jazzed about chemistry expanding. One of the expanded elements (Nebulium? I don't remember its name) a few years ago is said to only exist in a lab and the spectral lines of a single star in another galaxy.

I love those kinds of connections and look forward to the day when science synthesizes an actual boson with its own interaction properties.

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