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Desc:Variously listed as S6E02 and S6E03. This episode stands out among the others for a good reason.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, failure, reality, captain planet, ted turner
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Comment count is 16
Rangoon - 2016-06-10
Stands out more than the episode with Hitler in it?
Cena_mark - 2016-06-10
This episode is nuts. The Planeteers only use their powers a handful of times throughout the episode. Here the they spend most of their time in court, filing paperwork, and taking photos, all while being thwarted by the dumbest henchmen in the whole series. They finally prove Plunder's wrong doings at the end, only to find out that he's already cut down the forest. I think they were going for reality here.

Redford - 2016-06-11
Personally, my favorite episode is the one where they dealt with the issue of animal/human overpopulation by having one of the villains accidentally use a ray that allowed any organism to self-replicate by accident on a small, hungry child. The planeteers were then trapped in a situation where they were unable to use their powers at all to avoid hurting the child and it's numerous self-replicated clones. The entire episode was them running damage control trying to manipulate an endless horde of of small. hungry children without harming them while trying to get the ray back so they could reverse it's effect.

BiggerJ - 2016-06-11
Okay, my Cpatain Planet shopping list:

Hungry child horde episode
Gang violence episode
Drugs episode
AIDS episode

Any others?

SolRo - 2016-06-11
You could just watch them all and play a drinking game where you take a drink when you see a rediculous caricature of an evil businessman destroying the planet in pointless ways that has since happened in reality.

Nominal - 2016-06-11
All of season 6 is pretty nuts.

The one I submitted, where Hoggish hatches a plan to use a holographic ghost dolphin to scare off tribal Amazonian fisherman in order to monopolize the tiny fish market of their remote village.

Another one where Dr. Blight needs a cure for her spreading face scab and her computer tells her that frogs can regenerate limbs, so she goes using massive anti-gravity breams to kidnap every frog in the world. She plans to shoot the Planeteers with darts to infect them with her scab, but mixes it up with the frog cure and Wheeler/Linka get shrunk down into naked, frog-sized people for a Honey I Shrunk the Kids adventure.

nuzzles - 2016-06-11
There's the one where Wheeler saves Belfast from a nuclear bomb. I think it's on here, actually.

boner - 2016-06-11
oh my

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1n9lld_captain-planet-s06e04 -frog-day-afternoon_fun

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-06-11
@Redford: that sounds very Swiftian, the writers must have had a hit of the sweet leaf with their coffee that morning. That one show could cover the whole subject of "planet saving" and it's pitfalls.

Nominal - 2016-06-12
OR the season 6 episode where Ted Turner wrote himself in as a character!

That really happened.

garcet71283 - 2016-06-10
Of course, the lack of logging and intense preservation is precisely why we have such intense and devastating forest fires now.

Oops 90s
SolRo - 2016-06-11
You are so dumb.

gambol - 2016-06-10
what the fuck is this
Nominal - 2016-06-11
They missed the part where the fine is a fraction of the profits the villain makes for ignoring regulations, which he just shrugs off as the cost of doing business.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2016-06-11
I enjoyed this show as a small child. I remember one day I was at a friend's house watching it and his very large Samoan mother, an avid supporter of George Bush Sr. who was president at the time, was ranting and raving about how this show was shameless child brainwashing democrat propaganda. His Mexican father who disliked Bush disagreed. So we got to hear them argue about that the whole time it was on.

Actually now that I think about it agenda pushing was pretty rampant in late 80s and early 90s cartoons, mainly when it came to environmentalism and the war on drugs. Virtually every American-produced kids show between 1988 and 1994 has at least an episode or two dealing with one of the two aforementioned topics, or both.
Nominal - 2016-06-12
The claims of it being communist propaganda weren't that far off.

Check the pilot episode. America = Mad Max decayed urban hellscape. Soviet Union = pristine environmentalist paradies.

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