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Desc:This is what Jon Pertwee did after being the best Doctor.
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:Scarecrow, nightmare fuel, Jon Pertwee, Worzel Gummidge, rhyming slang
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Comment count is 9
I should point out that this wasn't a job Pertwee did because he was short on cash; this was something he really, really wanted to do.

The David Tennant stories "Human Nature" / "Family of Blood" are more fun if you imagine one of the scarecrows is Worzel Gummidge. "Hang a mo, Aunt Sally, while I put on me murderin' head!"

Also, "ding me Daleks" at 21:54?
And lest we forget:


I don't care about Dr. Who in particular but I still take issue with spurious claims that anyone other than Tom Baker could be the best.
He's not even the best filthy addled rustic:


But you know who does pretty amazing Baker and Pertwee voices? This guy:


Especially his Baker, it's eerie.

Peter Cushing or GTFO.
Rowan Atkinson, Jim Broadbent, John Hurt and Peter Cushing >>> all other Doctors

dr. who hipsters all too cool for tom baker.

Yellow Lantern
I'm not very well-versed in the Whoeuvre, but the five-minute Night of the Doctor short was enough to make me wish Paul McGann had gotten more to do than the mediocre American TV movie.
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