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Desc:Everything one could possibly hope from a Japanese Donald Trump commercial
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Japan, otaku, donald trump, fabulous, alpaca
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Comment count is 13
Well.. did not disappoint
il fiore bel
MechaDrumpf destroying the world. Seems accurate.
this is a retarded comment, because the true nature of the "alt-right" (the nazism is just the most extreme form of trolling available and just happens to jibe with their antisocial politics) is rooted in the fact that Trump is the most Glorious troll the world have ever seen whom will almost certainly lead us into an Extinction Level Event. if this is frightening to you, you're being egocentric. the world have deserved to heal for some quite some now and Glorious Leader, God Emperor Trump will usher us in in truly fantastic fashion. don't take yourself or your stupid Facebook babies or whatever it is that makes you think you're so important too seriously, just sit back and enjoy the ride fags.

Ugh, and yet another PoeTV troll starts to slowly try and explain himself and transition to normalcy. What a fucking pussy.

I don't know how I will even cope if Waugh ever pulls this shit.

no i have tried to explain my trump as ELE harbinger theory for some time now, and whoever said i was a nazi?

Depending on how I feel about the next five months of bullshit in November, I'll pull the trigger for Trump out of sheer annoyance. Thankfully I live in Washington so it won't make a dent.


il fiore bel
Speaking of that, why haven't you changed your name to lotsmoretrolls?

notice me trump sempai uguuuuuu~

...but how does Japan *really* feel about Donald Trump? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz-TAldT120 (needs translation)
Robin Kestrel
wtf america
He's going to banish ISIS to the land of wind and ghosts.
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