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Desc:Top 10 cartoons from 1997
Category:Classic TV Clips, Classic TV Clips
Tags:90s, 1997, best, top 10, Favorite
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Comment count is 16
1997 is about when I really discovered the Internet gave up on TV.
Bear in the Big Blue House isn't a cartoon! >:(
Pepper Anne sucked. It was like Doug but with a female character. As Told By Ginger was that as well. Cartoons are way better now.
As Told By Ginger was a horrific freak show taking place in a town where all the world's ugliest children had been segregated from the rest of society for their own safety, and ours.

Well, it was Klasky Csupo.

Caminante Nocturno
To this day, I am baffled and angered by the fact that anything Klasky Csupo ever made did well.

Was 1997 a really shitty year for cartoons?
I didn't watch ANY of these. Except all of King of The Hill and South Park.
Monkey Napoleon
Submitter user name set off my horseshit detector.

Guys, this is that Cayla Wood person posting their own garbage list videos for views.
Can we talk about Cayla Wood for a minute since it's baffling and none of her videos ever get out of the hopper? Looking at any of her videos on youtube, including this one, they get what, 10 to 50 views so they obviously aren't making any money. At best, Poetv would only add a few hundred views anyway. It just seems like a massive amount of effort for no return.

You can't spell "Cayla Wood" without "Brian Harrod"

I don't really care who made this video or why they submitted it. It's a shitty video that I find entertainingly shitty. That's why I think it's a good candidate for this site.

Submission SEO bot
South Park was the beginning of the ultracheap tween animated vector art style that has held cartoons in the toilet until drowned to this very day.
I feel they are unrelated, todays cowardly minimalism seems to come from a fear of making things which over time will look 'dated' as if that is even possible.

South Parks paper craft esthethic has at least been more consisent than its humor.

Caminante Nocturno
You put motherfucking Caillou on your list?
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