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Desc:It's all-electric, agile and has a capable face-arm. A FACE-ARM
Category:Science & Technology, News & Politics
Tags:Robot, boston dynamics, a face-arm for gods sake
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Comment count is 11
Bort - 2016-06-23
Not interested until it can rub its butt on the ground and leave a skidmark.
Bort - 2016-06-25
... okay, tape a magic marker to its butt. I'm sold.

Binro the Heretic - 2016-06-23
Soon, every home in America will have a domestic cyberhorrorllama.
memedumpster - 2016-06-23
I will name mine Hector.
Gmork - 2016-06-23
My reaction:
1:30 - "Haha. Hahahah!"
1:39 - "Uh oh."
Meerkat - 2016-06-23
If I had to work overtime there you can bet those things would start randomly humping each other during product demos.
Oscar Wildcat - 2016-06-24
This has many applications in elder care.
fedex - 2016-06-24
its cool how they built a whole fake house in a larger warehouse or something to test these things
Robin Kestrel - 2016-06-24
Needs antlers.
yogarfield - 2016-06-24
Now kick it.
Redford - 2016-06-25
The movement noises are aesthetically pleasing.
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