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Desc:EU regulations require that Adam's vote counts three times as much as a normal person's
Category:News & Politics
Tags:eu, Democracy, buyers remorse, European Union, Brexit
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Comment count is 8
He should be proud that Britain (God rest its soul) figured out a way for people to vote to blast a couple trillion bucks into oblivion without an illegal war being involved.

Progress is progress is progress.
You mean digits on an electronic spreadsheet, mostly placed there to enforce the notion that people can actually hold wealth?
Show me one person who lost actual money on this affair.

So are the rumors I've been hearing about variants on "what is the EU?" being the #1 search term in the UK on Google last week true?
#2. https://twitter.com/googletrends/status/746303118820937728

The dumbest man in a city that gave us Karl Pilkington.

The psychology of this astonishes me: apparently people think that a comfortable status quo just happens all on its own as a law of nature, and elections are a consequence-free activity. And yet somehow, Adam's not alone in thinking that way; there are plenty more like him in the UK and there are millions in the US. It's like not grasping that placing an order with the server has some mysterious connection to the food that is brought to you.
Sudan no1
You don't understand. IMMAGRANTS are coming to RAPE everyone you care about! Billions of them in your sleepy suburb!

*This message has been paid for by Putin's Slant Drilling co.

Rupert Murdoch's press arm has been telling them for decades how the 'EU bureaucrats' and 'EU boffins' have been stopping them from eating lead paint and drinking cryptosporidium water and they want the freedom to choose now, so choose they have, and how!

The Mothership
Your tutors and teachers must be so proud, Adam.
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