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Desc:The benefits of a classical education
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:pizza, England, fractions, why brexit happened
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Comment count is 16
Robin Kestrel
Careful with that joke, it's an antique.
Jesus. The first hint of confusion entered her eyes when he said "Imagine you go to a pizza shop", and it was all downhill from there. (Or uphill, depending on your point of view.)

"Wait wait wait.... so this pizza shop.... it doesn't actually exist? Or it does? And why do I have to imagine that pizza shop? Can I imagine Shaky's Pizza instead? That would be a lot easier since we go there all the time."
Looking at the other videos on this channel, she is clearly too stupid to live, and he is clearly too cruel to keep even an idiot girlfriend. So, I'm leaning towards "fake".

Fake.... real.... it's all the same to me. Whether this is a genuinely stupid person or a viral comedy sketch, it's pretty damn funny either way.

That guy
2:44-2:49 is real even though the whole thing is fake, and it's pretty much what I have ex-girlfriend nightmares about.

This couple are faked for viral video reasons, but as a Brit I've no doubt that they cleave real close to the reality of many in my home country.
I work with a English guy and he patiently explained to me that you don't have to continue going to school after you're 16 in England and that's why the English are dumber.

That plus the strident anti-intellectualism in UK society and a broken school system. He's sadly not wrong.

But can't you drop out of school at 16 in America as well? I'm pretty sure there are dumb people everywhere.

I know In California you can test out of high school starting at 16 by taking the GED or CAs version of it.

Wish I had known that, as I wasted that two extra years being depressed and flunking anyhow then passing the test a week after flunking and moving on to JC

In America you aren't legally required to attend school after 16. Same diff.

At least go with some real examples if you're going to be saying everyone but you is stupid.
Clearly this lady is an idiot. You would order the pizza with 12 slices and save the extra 4 slices for tomorrows lunch.
even if its fake.

women clapping to emphasize words is slowly becoming a sfw fetish for me.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Have any channels to share?

mostly been a real-life thing. still searching for reliable web content. will of course share immediately.

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