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Desc:Bob Kelly makes a noise as he struggles to get out of a car.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:louis ck, Fat People, grunt, louie, bobby kelly
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Comment count is 13
apparently bobby kelly in the 90s was a thing to behold, extreme cocksman who used to let little jimmy watch from the corner from time to time
i get the feeling these spergs who downvote me never spend any time in the hopper, phonie!

William Burns
Fuck off

weren't you bitching earlier that you got voted down in the hopper by one person that controls half the active accounts on the site?

I don't agree with one-starring your videos because you posted them.
Cocksman is one of the things straight dudes say to me before they s my d and then cry about being gay.

When are you sending dick pics bro?
typical faggot degeneracy

the shame is adorable.

do you f5 all of your videos :(

i do, but only as a recourse against the multiple ghost accounts people are using to cheat and stack the odds against me. as a bouncer at a gay club in austin for close to 2 years (lucky i got out alive really) i def picked up on the prized blowing-a-breeder-and-having-him-cry phenomenon, it's a common line for many homos despite that seemingly endless sea of deviancies. i find it mean spirited and sociopathic which is also a common line for homos. idenfitying as a she while retaining all the primitive instincts of a male is def getting in the darker side of gaydom. any woman put into a pack of fags will be normally stripped and beaten down emotionally until she's reduced to doing a fag voice of her own with tears in her eyes. also i heard a lot of the victims in orlando were running towards the shooter because they thought it was a t-shirt gun shooting black dildos, can you confirm as you were one of the ones who apparently made it out alive?

Was that before or after your job at White Wolf?

peripheral functionary film industry douchebag faggot

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Maybe this is just gratuitous nastiness and has no place here and maybe it's high time that A Certain Someone should get banned.

I figured "cocksman" was just dated slang. But who knows.

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