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Desc:Black man executed by cop
Category:Horror, Crime
Tags:police brutality, Maryland, philando castile
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Comment count is 18
Caminante Nocturno
If it came out that you were a troll account set up by orcs, I don't think anybody would be surprised in the least.
Actually we are all orcs' alts.

Except you....

God fucking damn, who gives a shit about some petty feud on a website that less than 600 people use a day?
That guy
well, you have an opinion about it too

Not sure how cool you think your apathetic smugness is when it's backing up a racist troll.

600 seems pretty high.

That guy
For fuck's sake.
That guy
This is tangential, but the Criminal (In)Justice podcast is really good, and has lots of episodes about police reform, etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. Listening now.

Cheers for the recommend, sounds worth a listen.

Oooh! That's a great recommendation. Listening now.

That guy
fucking stupid stance to take

That guy
bawbag, I don't think our sparring is a real big deal in the grand scheme of things.
Agreed, most of the time we arrive at the same point via different avenues.

Dupe submissions means this incident gets 10 stars for evil.
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