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Desc:Frank Zappa's debut album celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:60s, awesome, frank zappa, freaks, ray collins
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Comment count is 15
such a classic
I bought this in high school when it came out on the then-new cd format. That was when I found out that Zappa wasn't for me.
Trouble Everyday is still extremely relevant.
Also "It Can't Happen Here," which has gotten stuck in my head at least three times this week alone, even though I haven't listened to Freak Out in maybe 8 years.

With a darker spin on the original sentiment, of course.

Maggot Brain
Where would we be without the Rock and Roll xylophone?
I think the early Mothers stuff is probably some of Zappa's best work of his entire discography, personally.
Burnt Weeny Sandwich and Lumpy Gravy are probably my top picks of his career. Absolutely Free is right up there, too.

Weasels Ripped My Flesh is my favorite, the original Mothers is my go to for Zappa.

We're Only In It For The Money, Hot Rats and Uncle Meat are my three faves. This one never caught me the same way, and his later humor always felt like it was trying too hard. Still some great gems throughout his career.

Up through 1970 I can't think of a single thing he did that I'm even slightly ambiguous about (at least in their original forms, the CD version of Ruben and the Jets is pretty butchered and awful)

John Holmes Motherfucker
My first girlfriend had this on vinyl. She was an anthropology grad student, a bass player, an artist's model, an adult movie projectionist, and the first woman I'd ever met with a tattoo. if not for the agonizing episodes of clinical depression, I'd still be with her.

The best part may have been Zappa's fuck you liner notes. ("Everybody's worried about not getting enough airtime! Oh my goodness!")

When Frank Zappa was my age, he'd already been dead for four years.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Frank, the sun never shone upon our love before,
Until there was Frank.

Eyuck-geuu from me to you
Sweet floppy Frank
We've had a lifetime of Frank.

Endless Frank will always flow
For all we know.
(For all we know.)

Right from the first day
I knew your name
I never knew love was the same.
(Never knew love was the same.)

Hopin' to find
Sweet Frank on the line,
Nothin' but sweet lovin' Frank.

Cause it's Frank
Cause it's knowin' that love
Could be Frank if only
The sun and the moon
Would collide to be Frank.

Let me be frank about Frank,
(Let me be frank about Frank.)
Let me be frank about Frank,

Cause Frank is the best Frank
That's ever happened to me.

Please, please don't go.

Goodbye, Frank. You were enjoyed.

Nothing but sweet, loving Frank...
The entirety of "thingfish" is a guilty pleasure of mine. Such a ridiculous, hilarious and yet musically enjoyable record. I mean, I think I skip a few of the tracks, but it's one of those you can pretty much go start-to-finish on.
There are versions I like of "I ain't got no heart" and "How could I be such a fool" but I don't think these are they.

Actually, I just remembered: All my favorite zappa recordings are from the FZ:OZ concert.

He's one of those artists that has about a million renditions of the same song, but there's always one version that stands above the rest.
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