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Desc:Because Commies. JBL. Never leave the 60s and CUBAN COMMIES!!
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:john birch society, Conspirasnark, COMMIES!
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Comment count is 13
Fuckin' communiss.

I'm disappointed there's no punch black faces tag for the bit at 4:30.
The Mothership
This is a really esoteric way of reviewing an old 80's soap opera. Doesn't this whole communism storyline turn out to be a dream?
I thought it was Maggie Simpson that shot all those cops when they stole her sucker?

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I haven't watched it, but I imagine that man says something like, "Have you been injured? Call the law offices of..."
I like all the claims with no evidence. "We now know..." No sir, you never knew and you still don't.
The right wing has blamed everything and everyone except systematic police brutality for Dallas.
That's the whole point of having police, though. States are monopolies on coercive force, and the police - as the state's direct representatives - are *by definition* agents of systematic violence! One cannot have a police force without also having systemic violence, and while some people would argue that having a standing, state-run police force is both undesirable and unnecessary, few people today (on the right or left - whatever definition we use for these terms) are willing to adopt such a radical position.

Targeted genocide against black people is not equivalent to the baseline of violence that underpins the honkie luxury strata of society, though it does serve it.

Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time he mentions people wanting to burn down cities. Take another shot every time he ends a sentence with "...and stuff like that."
The last time I watched a boring man speak in front of CGI bookshelf? It was an Al Qaeda vid.
Maggot Brain
Assata Shakur was behind the Dallas shooting the whole time.
He's not wrong.
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