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Desc:Yeah I know, it's RT, but it's still the least obnoxious presentation I could find.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:The Decline of Western Civilization, Clusterfuck, rt, 2016
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pussy and tit
Comment count is 20
This is going to be Benghazi, Part 2, isn't it?

Hopefully it'll yield as much fruit as the original.
Yeah, it's going to go forever. Though to be fair, it's slightly more credible than Benghazi. Slightly.

Void 71
After all of the super shady shit the Clintons have been implicated in over the years, it would be hilarious if an e-mail scandal is the thing that brings them down. It's not nearly as entertaining as a spunk-stained dress, though.

Hillary might get in trouble for perjury (lying under oath to Congress).

John Holmes Motherfucker
(looks at thumbnail) Really? The least obnoxious presentation you could find?

I'm not going to watch this, because I fucking hate RT, but I'm assuming that the State Department isn't interested in "reopening the email scandal." They're the state department, for christ's sake. They're not supposed to be prosecuting anyone. I'm assuming that what they're supposed to be doing is investigating possible systemic flaws in security to see what can be done about closing them. If I'm missing something, somebody tell me and maybe I'll watch the video.

http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/state-department-resumes-investigat ion-hillary-clinton-emails/story?id=40420594

http://www.npr.org/2016/01/29/464811045/as-iowa-caucuses-near- clinton-email-probe-persists

And yes, it was the least obnoxious I saw at the time, if you can believe that.

Why do you hate RT? They don't seem any better/worse than the other pressitutes.

Personally, I dislike RT because they're biased in the same way that Fox News is biased: they're supporting a pre-conceived agenda, and stories that don't fit that agenda are either not covered or "modified" so they fit the agenda. It makes them a highly unreliable news source at best, and an actively deceitful one at worst.

The "standard" news sources (e.g. ABC news, Time, etc.) almost always have their own flaws, but they tend to be flaws that can be (somewhat) corrected for when reading their stuff. For example, CNN is in love with technobabble & tends to sensationalize. So when watching news from them, you can make some mental adjustments to sort of "fix" the story. Yes, if you just watch CNN, you'll miss a lot of information due to their bias, but you can sort-of assume that what you see will be true... as far as it goes. And when they get it wrong, it'll be because they fucked up, not because they're trying to feed you an agenda. More or less.

Jesus, you're getting to be as bad as the Republicans. At this point, the debate has contracted to roughly 100 emails that contained classified info but weren't marked as classified, and three (actually two) emails that contained "classified" markings in the body, but in error. There is no evidence of any of these roughly 100 emails making it into the wrong hands, so there's not even any smoke here much less fire.

That said, rumors are that the Feds are nosing around Burlington College, and I look forward to Jane Sanders being led off in handcuffs. If you want to go after someone, now there's somebody who deserves it. Even if, best case scenario, she didn't engage in deliberate bank fraud, she still destroyed Burlington College and somebody is on the hook for that money.
That guy
Did they ever think about taking a look into SeƱor Drumpf's dealings and doings?

Bort, I have to come clean, the main reason I submitted this was to see if you would make it about Bernie Sanders even though it has nothing to do with him, and for all intents and purposes he isn't even a candidate.

I thought that might be the case, but I took the bait anyway. I say it's fair to compare and contrast, though, because the people still making the most noise about the emails are disgruntled Sanders supporters, when Mrs. Sanders is guilty as fuck of bank fraud by the standards that would be applied to Hillary.

I'm not good with ASCII faces, so how about this charming animated GIF of the Archduke Ferdinand's assassination:

https://cdn1.vox-cdn.com/assets/4657953/FranzAssassinationLoop .gif

Clinton sent an ASCII penis in an email marked "Confidential", minus two hundred presidential scoremarks.

"Throw everything until something sticks" - From the 'blowjob is such a big deal' playbook.
Why is classified information being thrown around in email to begin with, regardless of how secure the fucking mail servers are?
because a lot of shit that doesn't need to be classified is still classified just to keep it out of public scrutiny. If you had to print out and hand-deliver every one of those documents it would be a nightmare.

But that's besides the point. There are protocols for classified information (presumably). Why do the protocols allow for classified information to be transmitted by e-mail at all?

And the binary is not e-mail or printout. There are ways of securing documents online that are much more stringent than fucking open-it-up-in-Outlook e-mail.

There are different levels of classified information, the lowest levels being so pointless that their only reason for being used is to have a legal basis to severely punish whistleblowers and information leakers.

If you opened StateDepApp on your iPhone and saw these options :

1.) Order Drone Strike (AF, IR, SY, IC, PK, + 26 more...)
2.) Email.

Which one would insist on occupying your dreams at night?

I think she might have just let it slip while trying to level up in Drone Slaughter Pro.

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