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Desc:Hire Rain Florence as your Counselor
Category:Science & Technology, Horror
Tags:penis, batshit, foreskin, milking it, Rain Florence
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Comment count is 14
That guy
She's an expert about a thing she can't spell.
As you can see it was very important to me to leave the misspelling in the title but have the correct tag.

Five stars for being fastidious.

Monkey Napoleon
Two things:
1. The best you can realistically hope for is a cosmetic only change. I feel for people who've been cut, but it's kinda too late.

2. Your husband doesn't enjoy sex with you because you're kind of an off-putting lady. It's got nothing to do with his lack of cobra hood.

3. Comfussated.
Off putting is a good way to put it. She would be kind of attractive if she was someone else.

Born in the RSR
Dunno Nap, for all we know the steamed yoni experience might be worth it.

My orgasms are fucking great and I have a lower chance of getting STDs and my dick doesn't stink. There's absolutely nothing wrong with circumcision.

Monkey Napoleon
It's kind of weird to be for circumcisions considering the only benefits to it don't really apply to societies who have access to soap and condoms. If it makes people feel like they were mutilated for aesthetic reasons... it's kind of hard to argue with that.

Dicks don't belong anywhere near that mouth.
That guy
Please assume a radius of more than 6 feet, just to keep them clear of the rest of her.

I went through the "I wish I had a foreskin" phase, and asked my mom why she decided to have me circumcised. She said 1)As a nurse she had seen way too many things go wrong with foreskins and believed I'd be healthier without it, 2) women of her generation preferred it, so she believed she was making me more attractive to my future wife, & 3) there's no real evidence that it has an objectively negative impact on the male sexual experience. I considered her response, and while I don't necessarily agree completely with her reasoning, I decided that she made the best decision she could under the circumstances. I decided to just not worry about it any more. My penis is just fine, and I'm happy with it the way it is. I think some men get really worked up over it and just get obsessed with the idea that something was taken from them that they can never get back, and it's not a healthy attitude and they get really unpleasant over the whole thing. That being said, if I ever have a son I have no intention of having him circumcised.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
You're obviously too sane to hang out on the internet.

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