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Desc:Rat! Rat! Rat!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Nicolas Cage, rage, ACTING!, tokarev
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Comment count is 6
Robin Kestrel - 2016-07-14
We need an Academy Award category of "Most Actor".
Gmork - 2016-07-14
"Most Prolific" perhaps.

StanleyPain - 2016-07-14
So now that the internet has discovered Deadfall (one of the few films that Christopher Coppola made and cast Cage in), there is a spirited argument over what Cage film is his most over-the-top and thoroughly ridiculous.
As crazy as Deadfall is, I honestly would have to submit Zandalee as Cage's most undoubtedly "Cage" role.
Simillion - 2016-07-14
Vampire in New York

memedumpster - 2016-07-15
I posted this because I watched it, it's called "Rage" on Netflix. Rage is considered bottom barrel straight to DVD Nicolas Cage and I enjoyed it a lot. The pacing of the movie is nonexistent, but the director had the wherewithal to well place and escalate the Nicolas Rage for maximum effect.

The victims in this movie are the Russian mob, who did nothing wrong.

I haven't seen 5% of Nicolas Cage movies, and I need to fix that.

StanleyPain - 2016-07-15
Vampire's Kiss is great, but trust me...it definitely ranks under Deadfall and Zandalee.

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