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Desc:at Westboro Baptist Church
Category:Video Games, Religious
Tags:Westboro Baptist Church, Jigglypuff, Pokemon GO, dear god why do i know these names
Submitted:il fiore bel
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Comment count is 14
Pogo is going to end with people getting killed or beaten.
Kids are going to get abducted.
Nothing good is going to come of this.
If we can put up with religion and what happens to kids because of it, we can put up with a silly little phone game.

How exactly? Is it some AR thing where cheesy pokemon run around on whatever surfaces your phone's camera is capturing? Are they 3d or 2d?

I'm intrigued.

There's already been robberies here that used this as a lure.

It sucks, but dammit people get your eyes off your phones for a few minutes.

I think just about the only thing more ubiquitous than Pogo these days are the constant edgy tryhard posts I keep seeing everywhere by people who are convinced that this game is going to kill a bunch of people, and seem way too excited about the prospect.

We get it, you think smartphones steal your soul.

Xenocide nails it. Pokemon Go hot takes are the worst.

il fiore bel
On the other hand, some Marine veterans managed to catch a wanted murderer while playing Pokémon GO.

Yes, but those were committed by pokemon fleeing the digital world and taking their anger out on users, in a reverse TRON style

Xeno, I don't think smart phones steal peoples' souls.
I think the game is going to have unforeseen shitty consequences. Not as bad as Catholicism though, so thanks for that SolRo.

The robberies, the holocaust museum thing, and, it's coming, creepy asses using it as a cruising ploy. While on the subject of the holocaust museum, the game has opened a really fascinating conversation about the legality of artificial spaces and entities and the right of real spaces and entities to be free of them.

Life is absurd.
The Mothership
Pogo is going to end with people getting killed or beaten.
Kids are going to get abducted.
Nothing good is going to come of this.
I understand the trauma associated with the tragedy..something about 'love is love' came across to me as incredibly vapid. I understand everyone is expecting the representative of the most popular show to say something after the tragedy...but it just seemed contrived. Like no matter what he said, that is what would be sloganized and everyone would then nod knowingly.

I suppose slogans are just symbols, it doesn't really matter what they say just what they stand for.

Maybe it is just me.
Is the voice done by a speech synthesizer or an alien, who hasn't quite gotten the idea behind intonation?
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