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Desc:Animated dragons battling it out in space in HD, from the latest Wakfu OVA
Category:Pets & Animals, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:France, animation, Space, dragon, wakfu
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Comment count is 10
It's a travesty that money gets spent to make 1000+ episodes of filler for popular anime but this can't have steady production.
I only bothered watching a minute and a half of this, but this seemed like a filler episode of DBZ with shitty Flash animation and furries with glowing teal tribal tattoos.

What is with glowing teal patterns? They are everywhere - especially in videogames.

Dr. Lobotomy
Wakfu has its monents and a refreshing non-american, non-japanese take on this kind of series but it gets way too bogged down by the stupid "Characters aware that their world is a damn video game world" angle they wedged in there.

I wont lie, poorwill's description got me to click play and watch some of it.

We are very near a time when "A filler episode of DBZ with shitty Flash animation and furries with glowing teal tribal tattoos" will be legit promotion.

It's a travesty that cartoon shows meant for children don't get enough money to have steady production! Total travesty!

Perhaps the Department of Anime could look into hiring a Secretary of Manchildren, whose job shall be to decide which Japanimes are, and are not, worthy of funding.

So this would be perfectly fine if he just glowed a different color? When you nit pick, you really nit pick.

It's seriously everywhere and I have serious, important questions. There's something they're not telling us. Something is up here.

Really? I've never played the video game, but I also have never felt like they were trying to shoehorn in any kind of video game references, at least not in these videos or frankly any of the first two seasons either? But again since I don't play the game, maybe I'm not seeing some obvious parallels?
Oops that was a reply to DocLob
Man those character designs ruin it. That quasi-anime look is fucking repulsive.
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