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Desc:This is a thing which exists.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:garbage pail kids, whacky
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Comment count is 11
More sensical than the live action movie, at least.
I don't get it.
The Mothership
This is quite amazing.
Kid Fenris
Apparently this never aired in America due to an outcry from parents' groups. Canada and Europe got it, though!

And boy, Flint Dille had some rough patches.
"Shit, the theme song for the Garbage Pail Kids cartoon is due tomorrow morning and we still haven't written any lyrics"
I'm guessing it was more due to it being around the time John Pound and Topps were successfully sued for trademark infringement by Coleco. On the grounds the designs of Garbage Pail Kids ripped off the Cabbage Patch line.

The ruling called for the immediate banning of all art featuring the Garbage Pail Kids original design. This was rough on John Pound, because he was somewhat attached to his creations. He attempted new designs but they just didn't catch on.

Tragically decades later it was ruled that Satire was indeed protected. But it was far too late to save Adam Bomb and all his fucked up friends.

Erm, thanks noscript. That was supposed to be a reply to KidFenris.

You forgot the "Horrible cartoon infinity" tag. Plz fix.
Whoever said tv in the 80s was awesome lied.
80's animation is so appealing to me. I even sort of like the animation in parts of this, and then there's other parts that look shitty. They felt a cartoon full of referential sight gags was enough to entertain kids, but it was pretty mean spirited. The "would I lie to you" was awful and hateful to the nerd kid. This shouldn't be on TV.
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