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Desc:Downright giddy.
Tags:armor, enthusiasm, lindybeige
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William Burns
I'm downright giddy he's sponsored!
I've got mixed feelings since he deserves it and the sponsor seems appropriate, but on the other hand usually when a channel starts getting sponsors it also starts going downhill.

I'm confident he'll persevere though.

That armor would be like rice paper against my katana.
Well, yeah, that armor was made by Paki Muslims.

In all seriousness, the Mughals were able to conquer all of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Japanese, by contrast, sat in their island for a thousand years and conquered nothing.

Match goes to Mughals.

ALSO, let's see what a katana does against the glorious Mughal artillery!

Even if their armor couldn't stand up against a katana (it could), the Mughals would just get their cannons out and blow up any samurai dumb enough to come within a kilometer of the Mughal position.

Japan created a huge empire in the early 20th century thanks to the katana.

Japan _tried_ to create a huge empire in the 20th century. It didn't work out too well.

I bet if the Mughals had done Pearl Harbor, we'd all be speaking Persian right now.

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