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Desc:007's second most, or eleventh least, racist adventure!
Category:General Station, Military
Tags:chinese, 007, negroes, Ian Fleming, chigroes
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 7
Lurchi - 2016-07-28
These are ideal for the audiobook medium.
BiggerJ - 2016-07-28
The Moonraker audiobook is in the hopper, two days away from retirement.
William Burns - 2016-07-28
Moonraker's the best one, IMHO. The one where the Gentleman Maniac/Secret Base/Doomsday Weapon formula is established.

BHWW - 2016-07-28
"Your majesty, men and women of England", the voice was a velvet snarl. "I am about to change the course of England's history." A pause. "In a few minutes' time the lives of all of you will be altered, in some cases, ahem, drastically, by the, er, impact of the Moonraker. I am very proud and pleased that fate has singled me out, from amongst all my fellow countrymen, to fire this great arrow of vengeance into the skies and thus to proclaim for all time, and for all the world to witness, the might of my fatherland. I hope this occasion will be forever a warning that the fate of my country's enemies will be written in dust, in ashes, in tears and", a pause, "in blood. And now thank you all for listening and I sincerely hope that those of you who are able will repeat my words to your children, if you have any, tonight".
BHWW - 2016-07-28
meant as a reply to the POEtvers talking about Moonraker, of course.

BiggerJ - 2016-07-29
Moonraker's in the hopper and it's less than 24 hours away from falling off.

memedumpster - 2016-07-30
I've read Moonraker... let it die.

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