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Desc:Someone else fucked you
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:f1, Italy, fight scene, acting
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Comment count is 8
Someone screwed up big time. Probably some electrician.
Oooh, that Devilfish.

For a short time in the silent era, Italy was the world capital of cinema.
They made majestic blockbusters the likes of which the world had never seen and wouldn't see again until the era of sound.

Agrippina, Cabiria, L'Inferno, the incomparable Quo Vadis, a film that boasted over 5,000 extras, and the equally incomparable Julius Caesar, and film that boasted over 20,000 extras! Such a feat would not be surpassed until the 1960s Soviet production of War and Peace, which was believed to have included the mobilization of 60,000 actual soldiers for the epic war scenes.

Whenever I see a cheesy Italian film I am reminded of how far Italy has fallen. Who is to blame? Is it that they could never recover from fascism? I'm sure many people have written about it. Just a thought.
William Burns
Fellini was post-war. I think what turned them into hacks in the 70's was the same thing that's happening in Hollywood right now, a Great Dumbening-Down for that juicy foreign-market cash.

Is Transformers 4 the equivalent of For A Few Dollars More if you're Chinese? I can't tell, I am not Chinese.

See, you bring in artist and production unions and stop treating cast as indentured servants and slaves and this is exactly the sort of drek you end up with.
What? Take what advice??
I like to think that the scene actually ends that way and jumps to something else in the movie.

Handsome dudes talking about racing and hot chicks: a racing film.
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