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Desc:They could do worse...
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:satan, suggest a tag, public education, after school, The Satanic Temple
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Sanest Man Alive
Sure, it sounds thrilling, but we're really behind the times again; Ouran High School Satan Club was the best shoujo anime of the last decade.
"The Satanic Temple" tag

I'm also going to be one of the instructors for this, no foolin.
I can confirm this.

Oscar Wildcat
So are you a Satanist? I assume you actually believe in the Christian Devil here, or you would call yourself a humanist or some other such thing. I'm not sure more Christianity is the solution to Christianity in the schools? Please explain.

Well now we need stories.

Quick question: how many schools are doing this, and how does one go about getting a gig as an instructor? Is there a set lesson plan, and do you need to be affiliated with the Satanic Temple, or will they accept theistic Satanist applicants as well?

you can find all of this out on the website: http://thesatanictemple.com/

As far as the LA chapter is concerned, I've not any church of satan people be very involved. There's no beef though, they're mostly atheists too.

Oscar Wildcat
I see. There is a lot of confusion of marks here, both trade and otherwise. You should check out the ancient Greeks and see where this Satan fellow comes from. He's the guy you're looking for. Accept no substitutes!

Private Club of the Satan's Helpers.
Maggot Brain
All we did in out after school Satanic group was make God is dead eyes.
Held in the gymnasium of lost souls.
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