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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:hollywood, tim heidecker, Vaccination, fatherhood, on cinema
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 12
goofy movie for the next generation
Tim's parody of a rightwing clueless imbecile seeking fame in the comedy world is so fucking spot on.
Even if you hate Tim and Eric the show you should at least appreciate that on a Sam Hyde level. Unless you hate Sam Hyde too, in which case I don't know what to say.
I don't hate Sam Hyde, but he has definitely gone down the shitty path of not understanding legitimate irony like so many other young comics and such. You can only deconstruct so much before you are literally just becoming the thing you are supposedly trying to make a commentary on, and it's even worse with a lot of young people these days because they fail to understand that this deconstruction has already been done thoroughly and more accurately. Heidecker, in real life, actually DOES drop the persona once and awhile (his YT channel has some funny videos of him at Trump rallies and such) and when he made a sincere post about what an ass Trump is, he got completely trashed by all the "ironic" awful alt-right types on the net who have no fucking clue what they are even about anymore. Like the quote goes, irony is now the tool of the prisoner who has come to enjoy his cage.

Is "Alt-Right" a thing outside of poeTV? I had sort of been assuming it was a poe thang.

William Burns
Alt-Right is short for "Alex Jones."

Well, "Alex Jones" or "Actual fascist/Nazi"

"people who make black jokes on reddit"

If you go on twitter and follow some altright tags you'll find it. I don't use twitter much but my current employment demands that I observe the activity of the worst people on the internet (ironic, I know).

Milo Y epitomizes altright, as do a lot of the voices on 8chan /pol if you can stomach it for more than 5 minutes. I think it equates to proto-fascism. There's quite a lot of WWII revisionism there as well, the casual embracing of the historical tradition that fascism was a necessary reaction to communism, and the PC whitewashing of history by Marxist professors is a common thread.

I agree with you about Sam Hyde, SP. There's a point where the self-loathing mockery of everything that attempts to have meaning ends up collapsing in on itself. Can't go down that road forever.

So Alt-Right is standard right with a new word attached to it?

William Burns
Alt-Right is a never-ending series of Koch Bros. surrogates fumbling for meaning in a post-Trump world.

Mister Yuck
Fuck. I can't believe it was only last year that Alt-Right wasn't a household name. This country went to fuck fast.

Sudan no1
So real
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