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Desc:and by overheating I mean 'catching fire and exploding spectacularly' also tornados & wounded condor
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Educational
Tags:explode, wind, windmill, turbine, condor
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"BIGGEST (noun) FAIL Compilation HD (year)!!!"
BIGGEST SolRo FAIL Compilation HD 2016!!!

shut up

5 stars for conservation of angular momentum at 0:41
Wow everybody, see how dangerous these things are? I guess we should just keep burning fossil fuels for electricity and pumping tons of junk into the atmosphere...that seems much safer.

(I apologize for the sarcasm, but you might be surprised how often I hear this exact opinion from people)
They kill hundreds of birds each year! Unlike innocent skyscrapers of peace and pretty much every tall thing we've ever built. Also pollution and global warming are no threat to birds at all, since they can just fly away.

You laugh now, but we'll see how funny it is when our nation becomes dependent upon foreign wind.

William Burns
I heard none other than Sally Jewell, Secretary of Interior, making this point while speaking at a graduation I attended last month.

Since house cats are the #1 killer of birds in the US, I'm sure she will be headlining a popular campaign to kill all cats, kittens and kittie cats in the US.

Since she's such a fucking environmentalist when its convenient to her petroleum gods.

That hack fraud shill.

Yeah the condor or vulture or whatever it was getting whacked made me sad...but at the same time, that was a pretty stupid way to impress a female.

If you look at the design specifications for those turbines, you'll see that such behavior is well within the specified functionality.

Working as designed. Will not fix.

[ Bug closed ]
How can anyone say wind is safer when only a handful of nuclear plants have blown up?
o ikr?! or Solar!! The sun is always/never blowing up!

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