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Desc:Poor Jordan, first time I've felt bad for him
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Conan, bachelor party, Jordan Schlansky, Mineral Water, Testicles in my face
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Comment count is 9
They've never succinctly explained what Schlansky DOES. Just one of those undefined Hollywood people that exist to be a glorified handler?
blue vein steel
Based on his office, i always figured he was a number cruncher or something like that. Hollywood is filled with plenty of nameless bureaucrat types that basically move numbers around on a computer all day, behind the scenes.

Of course he's an audiophile

AND a foodie!

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
I like Schlansky. He's logical, reminds me of me. More people should be like me n' Schlansky.
What lucky girl managed to land this winner?
Dude, have you seen his abs? Schlansky is cut!

blue vein steel
the dating scene is notoriously unkind to successful and attractive men that regularly appear on TV

I have never seen a more autistic sidekick.
Bipolar & Autistic would make an awesome superhero duo.

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