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Desc:StinkyCASH has his 'magnets, how do they work?' moment.
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:magnets, compass, flat earth, StinkyCASH, Schizotypal personality disorder
Submitted:William Burns
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Comment count is 6
He can't be serious, can he?

It has to have occurred to him at some point that if you just turn the letters "N" and "S" upside down on the compass face, then you can have a "south-pointing compass," right?

Tell me this is just trolling. Please?
I did manage to find a SW-pointing compass. EXPLAIN THIS, StinkyCASH!


I feel the need to reply to this guy but i also realize the futility of doing so.

Every compass also points south, just look at the other end of the needle.

There are plenty of examples of a ship that gets truck by lightning and the binnacle compass gets reversed. so a south pointing compass.

Paint the wrong end of the compass needle, you again have a south pointing compass.

A compass that points south is useless for navigation so they don't make any.
Kirby... Directive One.
I once spent a work day browsing the flat earth forums and got the impression that all but a handful of users were either people trying to argue rationally against flat earth, or trolls messing with those same people. The comments on this video are much more depressing.

"I agree with this completely and regard it as perhaps the strongest proof that the earth is flat. The South Pole does not exist because south simply means the exact opposite direction to north. So it's a direction, a relative conception, not a place that exists in an absolute sense."
When the Chinese got the compass, they believed that it pointed south. South was treated as the superior direction, maps, ceremonies, and important construction projects were aligned with South in mind. They even engineered a mechanical cart that, without using magnets, always pointed South no matter what direction it was traveling.


Just thought it was a cool fact to share.
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