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Desc:Don't look away. Never look away.
Category:Stunts, Horror
Tags:unicycle, no, chimney, vertigo
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Comment count is 18
Where does it go wrong? In that nothing bad happens? Or when the guy develops some weird twitch on his hands?
blue vein steel
i think the "twitch" may actually be a good luck thing, or something like that (sort of like batters who adjust their gloves a certain amount of times before they hit).

The title seems to be just fishing for views, for some reason.

I'm just goofing around. He doesn't die, therefore it goes wrong. Some people got it.

We have a few other videos from this tower. Here's one of the ascent and some walking around the top:


Okay then. Here's my 5 stars.

I didn't mind the title, the "goes wrong" made it more suspenseful. I was relieved it didn't go wrong, cause that's a long way down.

blue vein steel
Binro the Heretic
I'm glad he made it back to solid ground safely.

If he had gotten his fool self killed doing this, though, I wouldn't exactly feel sad. I'd feel bad for his family & loved ones, but wouldn't be broken up to badly over the death of an adrenaline junky.
Every time I see a video of this stack being climbed on, I always have a mental image of one of those rusty old ladders and catwalks giving out and sending the climber to their death. God knows how many years of freezing, thawing and baking the masonry anchoring those pieces of steel went through.
Yeah, the fact that they climbed it is always way more impressive/horrifying than the stunts they pull once they're up there.

Is that RSR?
Born in the RSR
I'm every Romanian.

Also: I'm guessing what went "wrong" is that they didn't die.

I assumed RSR was Guccifer.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Juggling AND unicycles! Unbearably goofy meets theoretically badass.
Mister Yuck
I'm torn. I take great pleasure in people needlessly risking death for my amusement, but this doesn't do it for me. I think it's cause there's no real danger in the You Tube version. By the nature of the website, I know from the get go the performers survived. Also, I gotta admit I have less empathy for these guys than I have for bull fighters or circus performers. Since I'm kinda rooting for them to drop, their miraculous survival is less a cathartic release of suspense and more a disappointment. I'm ashamed to admit, but that's probably a pure class thing. Bull fighters and tight rope walkers have a great deal of romanticism attached to them, whereas these guys kinda make me palm my forehead.

Five for inspiring my deep drunk thoughts.
Yeah, 1:58 is a sign that maybe you SHOULDN'T be trusting that beam to support you.
portal of expectations
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