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Desc:Man with extensive collection of Bratz Dolls weighs in.
Category:Arts, Educational
Tags:autism, incomprehensible, chrischan, Bratz Dolls
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Comment count is 18
hey queers make sure to click view all videos from last 7 days to see my full contributions to the website. i think the height of niggertech really perpetuates pause and continued adolescence and children in their 30s like this guy.

https://soundcloud.com/trs-radio/tds101-ep-88-part-14-of-14-fa rewell-summer-of-88


hey baleen why don't you take a hike

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This guy is no CWC. He is bearing all the necessary accoutrements of coolness.
William Burns
He doesn't want to look like a hodo. He's not a hodo.

or hodoor

He's decorated his room like CWC.

No, Cena, Chris decorates with Legos and Pokemon. This guy decorates with Bratz Dolls and Hello Kitty. They are totally different.

I strongly recommend you check out the rest of his channel. My favorites so far are the one on Globalism, and the one on Cool vs Uncool fashion.

Dr Robot
For Homer's first comment. Killed me.

I just meant as in both rooms over packed with collectibles. What they collect is different, but they're similar in how they allow their collections to dominate their living spaces.

He adresses that. Chris has cardboard boxes all over his house. BratzDollzGuy takes his stuff OUT of their cardboard boxes, before he leaves it all over the house.

They both listen to late 90s pop music and he dresses a little like IBA-era Chris, but the similarities end there.


Sexy Duck Cop
BREAKING NEWS: Chris-Chan Formally Endorses Hillary For Not Being A Robot Eaten By Orson Welles Or Something
I'm glad my probably-borderline-autistic hobbies are music and art related and as such still just barely squeak by as "cool."

"I build my own instruments in my living room" isn't actually significantly different from "I draw Sonic fan art in my living room" but you can still fool most people in to thinking it is.
Autistics have a need to define reality into easily understandable files. Only autistics WOULD define all autistics by one autistic.
Good point.

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