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Desc:typical self important dog park drama
Category:Nature & Places, Crime
Tags:dog, Dropkick, drama, dog park, dog owners
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Comment count is 4
lotsmoreorcs - 2016-09-07
remember to click "see all videos from last 7 days" if you want to see my full contribution to this glorious website. hail victory brothers and sisters!
lotsmoreorcs - 2016-09-07
also thanks for the upvote bawbag you FAGGOT lol

EvilHomer - 2016-09-07
Hi orcs, did you see Stefan Molyneux's latest interview with Doctor Duke?

Let me know what you think, but what I find most interesting about it, is this growing movement to marry Catholicism - an inherently hierarchical, statist religion, which is currently run by a self-described advocate of the New World Order - with the "alt-right" - a group whose denoted meaning has apparently changed from anarchist Truthers, to limited-government Constitutionalists, and now to white socialists, almost overnight. If this trend continues; i.e. if the "alt-right" gets on board the hardcore Catholic-globalist train (which might be a "useful" policy, considering the power of the Latino voting block), then what will remain within the "alt-right" for those of you who just want to empower yourself and/or be left alone?

I saw this happen to the "alt-left", too - how popular culture slowly but methodically flipped the meaning of alt-left until now it has become virtually everything it used to stand against - and I really hope that doesn't happen to you and your friends, too. Or, if it does, I hope you and your friends recognize the warning signs, and get out before it's too late...!

glasseye - 2016-09-07
Or not.

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