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Desc:Rock Hudson, Vadim, Gene Roddenberry
Category:Classic Movies, Trailers
Tags:rock hudson, Gene Roddenberry, Vadim, tags identical to description
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Comment count is 5
The Mothership - 2016-09-08
Can I get a Telly Savalas tag up in this bitch?
Rangoon - 2016-09-08
preload image says it all
Potrod - 2016-09-08
No Angie Dickinson tag?
Bort - 2016-09-08
So I've been watching a lot of "Have Gun - Will Travel" lately, it's a pretty good old Western about Paladin, a gunslinger for hire with a code of ethics. It was also Gene Roddenberry's biggest pre-Trek gig -- he wrote around 10% of the episodes -- and you can always tell a Roddenberry episode because it's typically one where a mouthy woman needs to learn to shut up. As often as not, they fall in love with Paladin because he's educated and smart and rugged and boy howdy how could even the mouthiest woman resist so much manly manliness? (Strangely enough, the other HGWT writers didn't do stories of this nature, it seems this was Roddenberry's territory alone.)

So no, I'm not surprised to see Roddenberry producing a movie that seems hell-bent on objectifying teenage girls.
Oscar Wildcat - 2016-09-09
You can bet Gene had a sweet custom van tricked out like the shuttle craft. Water bed in the cargo bay.

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