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misterbuns - 2016-09-14

You mean after writing all those long novels on this site he wasn't able to convince you to like him?

Did anyone ever read them?

Meerkat - 2016-09-14

Banning him just makes him stronger.

misterbuns - 2016-09-14

i don't know, man. posting here seemed super important to him.

in a weird way.

misterbuns - 2016-09-14

P. sure he was just an ordinary junky.

The hypergraphia. The mood swings.

but really who cares.

Raggamuffin - 2016-09-14

I noticed a pattern where his posting would uptick near the middle/late part of the month, which I found interesting and chalked up to the ebbs and flows of substance use.

But I didn't read his posts.

cognitivedissonance - 2016-09-15

I never interacted in a thread likely to contain Orcs, so I am minimally affected.

misterbuns - 2016-09-15

Zatta fact?

It's possible cogdis. got bored of trolling old ladies into blowing black dildos and wanted a new writing exercise.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-14

I'm kind of mixed on the banning of Orcs. Granted Orcs was bigoted and annoying, but I've always liked the anarchy of this place. Granted some law and order is needed sometimes. I guess since I was like Orcs, I feel bad about the banning. What If I got banned back when my views clashed with most of the community?

bawbag - 2016-09-14

Your views clashed sure, but you weren't an incessant shitposter to this extent Cena, even at your worst there was entertainment value and high-effort trolling.

baleen - 2016-09-14

Just guessing but I think he was probably ratted on about using another user's account, not for stormfront thought crimes.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-14

Thanks bawbag, I'd like to think of my trolling back then as high-effort and entertaining.

I wasn't aware of that. I guess that's what did it, as he was posting the Stormfront shit for a while without any disciplinary actions.

Gmork - 2016-09-14

You can shitpost, you can be blatantly and aggressively racist, sexist, homophobic.. but the second you violate the site rules, WHAMMO!

Monkey Napoleon - 2016-09-14

The trolling is one thing.

Trying to "socially engineer" the site (taking advantage of poor design and blitz submitting fucking garbage in an effort to disrupt the site) is another level entirely and shouldn't have been tolerated for as long as it was.

snothouse - 2016-09-14

I can only speak personally, but I had always enjoyed the comments of this site, which is something I can't say about almost any comment section. If I said something witty or interesting, people would chime in. If I said something dumb, people would politely ignore it or reply with a joke calling me out in a way that was so funny I couldn't be mad. It felt genuinely friendly.

In more recent times, I completely stopped submitting/commenting because of user profiles like orcs. I produce a lot of content that goes online for a living, so I am very used to mindless vitriol and shit-stirring, so I didn't need another place where I was just waiting for someone to call me a queer. So when it was coming from a site where that sort of behavior seemed to be an anomaly, it was a real bummer.

What I'm saying is, I'm glad they're gone. And me saying that likely makes them happy. So everyone wins?

Two Jar Slave - 2016-09-14

Cena's epiphany on the way to Damascus is one of the best stories on this site.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class - 2016-09-14

I really hated the guy. The sheer venom that most of his posts contained really put me off. I mean, you can say that we're all a little bit racist, but the sheer joy he took in talking shit about everyone and anyone who wasn't either exactly like him or had made exactly the life choices that he had made really highlighted what an enormously shitty human being he is/was. He hated gay people, and black people, and liberals, and Muslims and old people and, uh, everyone who wasn't a self-righteous thrill-seeking asshole. Dude didn't just lack empathy, he seemed to abhor it. I suppose he may have been some sort of troll, but a lot of if felt pretty real. I imagine it's hard to fake something that intense, and orcs never struck me as talented enough to do it.

Orcs is also disturbing because he seemed to be an avatar of this hipster Nazi/alt-right thing you keep seeing around the net lately, which is mostly distinguished by its intense hysteria and the utter emotional brokenness of most of its proponents. The fact that these people have a voice of some sort these days really frights the fuck out of me: while I never expected racism or classism to disappear as time went by, I sort of expected its most virulent manifestations to die down to not-our-kind-dear subtlety. But this new breed is really somethin' else. Orcs actually advocated for racial separation in the United States! In 2016! Like you could just send black people to a reservation and keep them there forever!

As a rule, I don't like internet trolls: it's far too easy for me to imagine the dark, tight, emotional spaces that they live in. I can't help but imagine the person behind the words, sometimes. Some people have told me that I might make a decent counselor or psychologist, but I find it hard to get the requisite emotional distance from world-class shitheads like Orcs. Orcs was -- for real -- one of the nastiest trolls I've ever seen online. If he's anything like his online persona in real life -- and I don't know about that, he seemed to talk about five or six different professions -- he really is a miserable wreck of a human being. Having been on POE sites for over 15 years, I am so glad that fucker is gone.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-15

I've said this many times before, effective trolls like effective wrestling gimmicks take much the personality and traits of the person behind the character, but with the volume cranked up to 11.

simon666 - 2016-09-15

Cena, when you made that video wearing face paint we knew you had a good heart.

Redford - 2016-09-15

The reason orcs needed to be dealt with somehow is he believed himself to be above the system. He didn't seem himself as an exhibit. That's second to violating the prime directive in my opinion.

pastorofmuppets - 2016-09-15

I think you're responding to the title more than anything. He's not having it both ways on PC-ism because he's not being prescriptive about the general case (though, again, the title is, but he probably didn't choose it).

He's just talking about the difference between Louis CK and Daniel Tosh, and saying audiences can tell the difference.

It's an interesting point, and definitely one I haven't heard made enough. But also I'm not sure I agree that "what sells" or "what audiences want" is a great metric, because Jeff Dunham plays 10k-seat arenas and PFT does places like UCB LA & Largo. Even Comedy Bang Bang, with its collective might, was "only" filling theaters on its last tour.

Anyway, PFT is awesome YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE

pastorofmuppets - 2016-09-15

ugh that goes at the end of the next thread

Dr Robot - 2016-09-15

I'm not defending lotsmoreorcs, but the BLM people are literally calling for racial separation in the USA. And to kill white people and rob their homes. Orcs wasn't exactly being Jackie Robinson about it, more like Malcolm X. And what does that tell us? Shut the fuck up about social justice (translation: revenge), let's talk about fucking forgiveness. Hundreds of thousands of whites shed their blood to free the slaves. That shouldn't be forgotten either. There are no racist laws in the USA except Affirmative Action.

I'm not looking to have some big argument and I haven't been checking this site much lately, so I was only nominally aware of orcs' antics. Not defending him, just pointing out that if you're frightened to your core by Orcs, get scared of BLM and Islam too.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-15

Uh, so I guess you're the new Orcs Dr. Robot. Congrats!

Bort - 2016-09-15

Booooo, Dr Robot. You used to be a perfectly charming all-ages comic; what changed?


Sexy Duck Cop - 2016-09-15

He got banned? When? Why? By whom?

bawbag - 2016-09-15

"but the BLM people are literally calling for racial separation in the USA. And to kill white people and rob their homes. hurrff blurrf durrrf blacks are the real racists amirite, and what is the deeeeal with islam!?!?!?"


"I'm not looking to have some big argument"


Fezren - 2016-09-15

I agree with Cena for maybe the first time ever.

Sure, dude deserved to get banned for hijacking someone's account. However, I did enjoy watching his shit-stirring and I hope he makes a new account and comes back.

I consider myself a moderate conservative with a strong libertarian streak. I agree with both parties on different issues. I feel that politically I'm fairly neutral. I don't like authoritarian solutions to problems. That being said, I consider many posts made by various users of this site to be just as troll-y as the posts that Orcs made. They just get away with it more due to the clear political bias of the users on this site. And I'm OK with that. Just like I'm OK with Orcs challenging the status quo on PoETV.

One thing I did find especially entertaining about Orcs is how many people believe he is an actual person and took his trolling at face value. I can't help but think if everyone would have just ignored him, he would have gone away months ago.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2016-09-16

BLM was funded by billionaire George Soros to the tune of 100 million dollars. And we all know how billionaires are looking out for our best interests.

The entire thing is just a means of distraction. Soros wants BLM to provide just that during an election season. It's a non issue. The police are not targeting blacks to shoot them more than whites. There is more crime within the black community. Blacks are culturally reaching a point where they are encouraging violence within their community more, and the majority of blacks that aren't criminals that just want to lead their lives are not being helped by BLM at all. Their biggest threat comes from other blacks.

The entire point of BLM is to be divisive and demand more for the blacks and only for the blacks, and inciting hatred towards whites by blaming all of them for all of the problems facing blacks. At this point, they've become a full cult, and I worry for anyone who is involved with them, for their safety and mental health. It's an inherently fascist organization that wants to punish people for the crime of not even thinking about blacks that have been killed that have received media attention.

The only one of their points I will agree on is education and that should be free for everyone, not just the black community. They are encouraging racial blame by insisting that a few cases indicate that every single case is marked by racism. I have news for you. Most people that are in prison for non-drug selling crimes, fucking belong there. The ones in prison for selling drugs should be freed period, both black and white, and everyone else.

You don't see Asian Lives Matter in the US. Because culturally Asians who come to the US have not created a huge pit of crime, and are much better at banding together towards common financial goals. They've had plenty of time to create a culture of endorsing radical amounts of violence towards each other and other communities, and they haven't done so on the percentage scale you see in black communities.

BLM is full of shit and so is the automatic assessment that anyone that calls them out on their bullshit (getting attention through illegal acts and harassing innocent civilians or politicians on stage, standing in the middle of highways when people's jobs are at risk, marching through streets with hundreds of people chanting to kill cops and yes there is video of this, interrupting gay events because most of them are hypocrites that fucking hate gays, claiming that they can't be racist, outright lying about police violence statistics being overwhelmingly against the black community, demanding civilian committee oversight for police trials because that's unrealistic as fuck), and generally trying to GUILT, SHAME, LABEL, VILIFY, and HUMILIATE anyone for being racist that disagrees with their tactics.

That having been said, I only took a cursory look at Orcs posts because throughout most of this drama, I haven't given two fucks about him. Apparently he was a Neo Nazi who stirred up more drama by outright lying and pretending to be one of six different professions, and his non-dead friend whose account he didn't take over. So I would say he deserves a banning just for the sheer amount of absolute fucking crazy he brought to this forum.

That having been said, if anyone thinks that I am "just like" orcs and am a Nazi for thinking BLM is not a peaceful organization and they should be monitored by the FBI as a domestic terrorist threat, then by all means call me one. I'm not. I'm a realist.

Fuck Orcs and fuck SJWs, and fuck Bo News and their whole SJW crew of schizophrenics.

baleen - 2016-09-17

Cena, when you made that video wearing face paint we knew you had a good heart."

You mean when *I* made that video where I was wearing face paint, right?

baleen - 2016-09-17

What leadership of BLM are you angry white dudes basing this paranoia on?
George Soros is one of the only powerful voices arguing to regulate the financial industry. His analyses of labor capitalism are spot on. His entire fortune is committed to undoing the things that made it, making him a remarkable figure in history.

Do me a favor and answer these questions:

1) Point me to the unified voice of BLM. Who is telling you these things?

2) Do you think everybody with any connection to OWS was a vegan with names like "Ketchup" who couldn't agree on what recipes should go into the Occupy Wall Street cookbook?

3) Why do you think high crime rates committed by people of a specific color justify the execution of unarmed, non-violent people of that specific color?

4) Have you ever really tried listening to black people, or do you tend to gravitate toward opinions that justify your beliefs?

baleen - 2016-09-17

"BLM is not a peaceful organization"

They aren't an "organization." And you're wrong, statistically black people are far more likely to be stopped, pulled over, and arrested. Sentences are longer for the same crimes. Google .gov is your friend.

Nobody is saying that crime isn't a problem in the ghetto. What Soros understands is that the new form of "ghetto," which is to say the socio-economic wastelands that replaced the formerly creative, low-unemployment cultural capitals of 1930s Harlem and Chicago, is directly related to how capitalism disposes of places and their people when their services are no longer needed. Read his actual comment on this as opposed to just reading shit about him from Newsmax or whatever shithole rightwing sites you are getting this garbage off of, ROUS. Even the Wall Street Journal and Glenn Beck have more progressive stances on this issue than you do. How does that feel?

When you add segregation, blockbusting, redlining and a disastrous drug war to that devastation, a devastation that white people in the rust belt ARE ONLY NOW just barely getting a glimpse of, you have the iconic ghetto: A place with over 25% unemployment, where your entire civilization has essentially cast you aside as human detritus.

BLM isn't about separatism, since many of these people are actively reaching out to groups for support, even white people! (again, where the fuck did you get that?) BLM at its bare minimum is about being listened to, it's about being heard for the first time. I got angry when they bashed Sanders in Seattle and the Toronto gay pride parade, but they are not a unified movement, for the last fucking time.

betamaxed - 2016-09-14

Video is spot on regarding this issue. Just being a contrarian edgelord shithead isn't enough to be considered funny in our day and age. Go back to the 90s if that's your thing.

That guy - 2016-09-14

fully disagree

He doesn't really qualify what he means here, and I have no reason to believe that he's got a circumspect and private definition of political correctness.

Louis CK is not pc, Chris Rock is not pc
PFT is pc
Who talks about more important shit?
I stopped giving a shit about PFT the second I saw this.

PC includes a decency side, or at least decency of its own liberal-puritan orthodoxy. It takes that and throws an over-wide net, that includes tippy-toeing around shit and having all kinds of rules about who can say what, and therefore who can observe and discuss what.
Fuck that shit in the fucking ear.

Wasn't there once a mutual respect between stand-ups who work clean and those who work dirty?? The real pros shouldn't hate on each other's game. PFT's head is up his asshole here philosophically.

A large fraction of the earwolf clan are pc as fuck and they fucking suck for it. PFT has skills and brains, but if he's gonna use it for this sort of unsalted, mannered shit, he can fuck right off.

Bort - 2016-09-14

Nah, PFT is on point. Doing a lisp, mincing around, and saying "lookit me, I'm a FAGGOT!" wouldn't fly today in many circles because people have a greater awareness that LGBTs are people and not just cheap punchlines.

You can still make jokes about the gays, but audiences today are probably going to want you to do better than "gays ... they deserve our contempt, amirite?" If that's "political correctness" then GOOD.

That guy - 2016-09-15

Bort, please don't imagine ONLY the important and obvious side of pc-ism when examining what I've said here. Don't strawman me, thanks.

The last time there was a pc conversation on this site that I remember, we came to a pretty good understanding that it is absolutely a mixed bag, and imagining ONLY the good or ONLY the bad side of it isn't useful to real talk.

That guy - 2016-09-15

specific to what you said, I'd put imitation through a prism and get at least 3 categories:
1) mere imitation (an actor in a drama or character comedy playing someone who's not exactly like him)
2) gentle satirical imitation or silliness (we are all deserving of a low-heat roasting for our foibles and humors and idiosyncracies, and no one should be a protected species from that)
3) dehumanizing imitation (playing a human as less-than-human because of his identity)

Two Jar Slave - 2016-09-15

PFT didn't say anyone should be a protected species.

What he said was that, as culture changes and simple denigrations go out of style, you have to delve deeper to approach topics in a sophisticated way that, once upon a time, you could've strip-mined for an easy laugh. He explicitly said nothing is off-limits in comedy. "I think you can make jokes about anything" is the first line of the video. The thesis statement is: "In most cases, audiences are not telling them 'you can't joke about this'. What they're saying is 'that wasn't funny'."

He's not hating on anyone's game, dirty or otherwise. He's saying that if you're determined to be an arch commentator on culture, you'd better pay attention to how culture changes or your out-of-date jokes become irrelevant. Seems okay to me.

SolRo - 2016-09-15

I like how the alt-right and alt-right-lite (like that guy) keep trying to sell the notion that being PC in any degree is bad, evil and fascist.


Yelling nigger promotes freedom

Hating queers is tolerance

Sending rape threats is gender equality

That guy - 2016-09-15

Two Jar,

I've seen this twice now and PFT tries to have it both ways.
The first time I saw this, that's what bothered me.

It makes a straw man out of the bad half of pc outrage, while it acknowledges the important part of pc outrage. It makes the whole debate sound like nonsense when it isn't.

I disagree with his: "In most cases, audiences are not telling them 'you can't joke about this'. What they're saying is 'that wasn't funny'."
They are ABSOLUTELY saying 'you can't joke about this'.
Sometimes they're saying that for good, sometimes for bad.

The title of the thing doesn't help.

Bort - 2016-09-15

That guy, I know that PC can go too far, and anything one says can be twisted into grounds for offense if one really wants. But in the case of comedy, it's more likely to be a matter of what the community as a whole is willing to tolerate and not what the crankiest most triggliest member is going to find offensive.

This is where Seinfeld et al completely missed the mark: they blamed the audience for being too sensitive about "what's the deal with gays? don't they know what butts are for?" when in fact the problem is the underlying premise of the joke ("gays, LOL"). Gays are more than an easy punchline now, and that is a good thing. It means Seinfeld and friends have to work a little harder at their craft -- think of something insightful to say about gays, maybe -- but there are worse fates.

I don't like the notion of "comedy shouldn't ever punch down" but I have to admit it's probably a pretty good guide to follow if a comedian doesn't want to be perceived as an asshole. It's possible to punch down successfully -- such as Jimmy Carr's recommendation that the "Make a Wish Foundation" should be renamed to the "Yeah, Um, Make Another Wish Foundation" -- but audiences can detect mean-spiritedness behind a joke, so don't think you can fool them.

Nominal - 2016-09-15

In my local area, open mic performers are ushered off stage for saying, "bitch" during a set, regardless of context ("I felt like such a bitch.")

It's hard to float that as "They're not saying you can't joke about anything, they're saying it's not funny".

Bort - 2016-09-15

Have you asked why they have that specific rule? It might be oversensitivity, or it might be they used to have a rash of would-be comedians who were mostly frat boy idiots, and the simplest way to filter them out was to look for their code word. Maybe.

Potrod - 2016-09-15

I'm glad SolRo popped in here so I could point out the irony of him unambiguously championing political correctness even as his own favorite insult to use is "retard."

15th - 2016-09-15

We've found our way back to 80% thoughtful debate.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-09-15

Yeah, 20% nigger cocks and faggots sounds like about the right ratio. Any more and we veer into Tourettes syndrome.

simon666 - 2016-09-14

Hurrah! http://www.poetv.com/users.php?userid=21983

I say John Holmes Motherfucker owes us a post memorial video, per http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=155545

glasseye - 2016-09-14

Thanks to our glorious overlords!

bawbag - 2016-09-14

It was only ever the one poster on the orcs account.

simon666 - 2016-09-15

Also, I'd like to thank That guy for requesting support ban Orcs, during the chrome bug site updates, assuming that tipped him/her off on the issue.

That guy - 2016-09-15

I suspect that whoever knows how to contact support did the main part, though. But yeah, I was done with orcs fairly early on and was on the front end of the one-starring wave.

I'll debate anything on here or in real life, but that doesn't mean I'll tolerate anything.

My favorite part of that whole thing was shaking hands with bawbag as we realized that we can argue like muthafukkas on here without being truly so far apart. I hope that StanleyPain and a few others see me that way too, and not as a reactionary just because I question the left (which is my side anyway).

RedRust - 2016-09-14

I wonder who will take Orcs' place now. There was that Waugh guy, then Orcs, but now who will there be?

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-14

i miss Waugh :(

1394 - 2016-09-15

shut up

That guy - 2016-09-15

Waugh was the troll we wanted, and probably even deserved.
Orcs was the troll we got, because internet.

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-09-15

And now all we have left is SolRo.

TeenerTot - 2016-09-15

I dunno...That Dr Robot guy upthread seems promising.

endlesschris - 2016-09-14

Oh cool, one of the least funny comedians working today telling us how to be equally unfunny.

Carlin is rolling in his grave.

That guy - 2016-09-14

...do you understand how stars work here?

It is fully possible to give this 5 and violently disagree, homeslice. If Crab Mentality finds something that the site reacts to in various ways, provoking debate, that is one way that something here can be worth some credit.

endlesschris - 2016-09-14

Stars work how I want them to man. Nobody ever died because the star rating on a video was wrong.

That guy - 2016-09-14

Is it quite frequent that the original poster puts something up for purposes of "good discussion" or "poking the beehive" or "isn't this the worst?!"
and not "Here's a thing I 100% agree with".

Kicking balls on that isn't cool.
0 for style

Scrimmjob - 2016-09-15

Have to partially agree with Chris. Paul Tompkins has always come off as a mega douche 3rd rate turd to me, although I think what he's saying here has some validity. Also I think evoking orcs is just making it more likely that he'll re-register and continue his retarded trolling.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-15

The only thing I really put low stars in for is boring shit. If something is boring, then it's not POE worthy. BTW, I wish there was more nuance in the rating system. There's 5 stars for videos I like, and 1 star for videos I don't like, but what if there's a video that's somewhere in between?

SolRo - 2016-09-15

Carlin is irrelevant and so are you.

Hazelnut - 2016-09-15

"Carlin isn't as enthusiastic about political correctness as I am; therefore he is old and unfunny." - SolRo

SolRo - 2016-09-15

"I am dumb and always have been" - Hazelnut

I never said carlin is unfunny, he's just irrelevant, and always was. He was a successful white comedian and the only thing he (mainly) could find worthy of ridicule is people being empathetic and censorship of curse words.

Carlin had a lot of first-world (comedian) problems.

Nominal - 2016-09-15

"Enough with all the hatred and intolerance. Now, can we please get back to deporting all the Jews?"


John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-09-15

This is a thing I 100 per cent agree with. Only the most unpleasant, serious people will be offended by a joke, any joke, that is genuinely funny.It's part of the risks comedians take that no one else takes. For me an offensive joke that is funny is VERY funny, and an offensive joke that is not fuinny is VERY offensive.

Louie Anderson made a joke in the 80s about Rock Hudson's funeral that made me hate him for years.If he could have made a FUNNY joke about the funeral ofd Rock Hudson, maybe IU';d have been a fan all this time. CAN there be a funny joke about Rock Hudson's funeral? I'd never rule it out, but it had best be a hell of a joke.

Bort - 2016-09-15

Rock Hudson's funeral, and the comedy potential thereof, is a perfect indication of how our perception of gays has gone from "lesser beings created for us to mock and torment" to "almost full human beings". Are we wrong to perceive gays as human beings worthy of basic respect? If not, then it ain't political correctness to find disfavor with comedians who are still "faggots, ain't they a riot?"

Comedians who have a feel for the essential humanity in gays probably don't run into too much trouble as far as this goes. And if there is any untapped comedy potential in Rock Hudson's funeral, it probably has something to do with mocking the dehumanization that came with it.

Louie Anderson will be dead someday. Start working on a joke, say, about how Louie Anderson will be buried next to Rock Hudson. It'll make you feel better.

Hazelnut - 2016-09-15

SolRo, I do believe there is hope for you. Poetv redeemed Cena Mark; we'll help you too.

Orcs was unfixable.

William Burns - 2016-09-15

George Carlin was never funny. Name one instance of George Carlin being funny.

pastorofmuppets - 2016-09-15

Carlin... I can appreciate that it might have been riskier to knock religion when he started doing it, but I tend to agree.

Re-watched the first episode of SNL. Painful. And that's when he was still doing punchlines -- as the years dragged on, he cut them in favor of more ranting.

You know goddamn well why we park in driveways. Now shut up before you inspire Bill Maher to go into comedy.

Two Jar Slave - 2016-09-15

Carlin's high-water mark was, of course, playing Rufus opposite the great Keanu Reeves.

endlesschris - 2016-09-15

Using a dumbass video to justify banning somebody seems like a one star effort to me!

That guy - 2016-09-15

The justification is not in this video. Crab's desc: is an off-the-cuff comment.

The justification is site disruption/spamming, persistent trolling and bigotry, threats and maybe possibly (but probably not) taking over a former user's account for all that shit.

I hope you don't have an issue with that?

endlesschris - 2016-09-15

No stars for anyone!

That guy - 2016-09-15

*fart noise of contempt*

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-09-15

Fuck George Carlin, and fuck you for dragging his corpse into the argument. Carlin was always complaining about changes in language, and he was always wrong. PTSD is a much more useful term than shell-shock, because it's more precise, and refers to a diagnosis, which leads to treatment. Surgiical Proceedure is more precise than operation, and physically challenged is more descriptive than crippled. These are noit euphemisms. Eupemisms are less precise, not more precise.

And I think it's unfairr to imply that Carlin with be perfectly fdoine with orcs talking about beating up niggers.

Cena_mark - 2016-09-15

Carlin was great and influential, but we shouldn't deify him. He made mistakes, there's things he was wrong about. Calling political correctness "fascism" is ridiculous hyperbole. Carlin was wrong there. I swear, most folks who are virulently opposed to PC language are people who never grew up mentally beyond middle school and are angry that the word fag is no longer acceptable. Essentially, these are the kinds of people who think South Park is still brilliant and cutting edge.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-09-15

Did carlin really say that, or is that just the title somone put on a video?

Nominal - 2016-09-15

There are people who never grew out of the "us vs them" tribal mentality. Plenty of asshats who'll claim an ideology if they think it gives them a free pass to "other" people.

Asshats like the Bo News sociopaths who thought any amount of vitriol and harassment were acceptable as long as you didn't say "fag".

Clowns like SolRo who think they're paragons of tolerance and acceptance who can advocate deporting all Jews from Israel as long as they rail against white privilege.

Frothing Toroutte patients like Shoebox Joe.

There are a ton of people who are in it for the sheer glee of hating on a rival tribe, with the actual tenants of their preaching being mere window dressing. There's only thing separating the above 3 from ranting campus preachers is a superficial claim of love for Jesus.

Potrod - 2016-09-15

What counts as politically correct or not is an incredibly broad spectrum and varies person to person. There are a significant number of people out there who think you shouldn't use the word dumb or lame or crazy. PFT's lesson here is so generalized it's useless.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2016-09-15

>>>I'm kind of mixed on the banning of Orcs. Granted Orcs was bigoted and annoying, but I've always liked the anarchy of this place. Granted some law and order is needed sometimes. I guess since I was like Orcs, I feel bad about the banning. What If I got banned back when my views clashed with most of the community?

Cena mark was never like Orcs. I mean, most of us disagreed with Cena,, but that was not what made Orcs so terrible, Does anybody disagree with that?

The last time I made a video someone requested, (speedbopat sloth goes through the dimensional gate from 2001) Nobody voted for it. it didn't get voted out of the hopper. Let's make a deal. I'll make a memorial video if my Thdef00t dance video gets voted oiut.

The ambien is kicking my ass, anbfd I need to go to sleep NOW.

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-09-15

There's no point in a comedian being so enlightened if they're not funny.

Nominal - 2016-09-15

Holy shit is Patton Oswald's latest Netflix special painfully unfunny.

Scrimmjob - 2016-09-15

Yeah, David Cross' last one was pretty painful too. Couldn't make it past the 30 min mark on either of them. Maybe my expectations are too high, or maybe I should just avoid comedy specials recorded during an election year.

That guy - 2016-09-15

three stand ups who know each other, are overly-self-assured, have to now talk politics, and used to be funny

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-09-16

They're not comedians anymore, they're pundits.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-15

i wonder if orcs' shitposting was a weird memorial to zoe, trying to get the account banned in a kind of "burn the ships" gesture... like in akira, when kaneda "send[s] yamagata his wheels" by sending the bike speeding into an abutment, bursting into flames.

when we found out zoe had been murdered, i looked her up on fb and discovered i had 1 mutual friend with her, another trainhopper kid named billy who had spent a fair amount of time in new orleans (he was featured in the drugs inc episode 'hurricane blow' if anyone's curious). he died last september... we thought the drug addiction or the being a homeless diabetic thing would get him, but it turned out to be the brain tumor :-/

i hope they're drinking steel reserve together, looking down and laughing about how zoe's asshole friend got her old account banned in memoriam... and it only took three years.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-15

whoops one year i forgot what year it was

Bort - 2016-09-15

Some people simply enjoy poking other people with a stick, and the Internet makes it easy to do. For me at least, that explanation covers it adequately.

bawbag - 2016-09-15

Nah Bus, Orcs was only ever used by one user. There was no zoe behind the account. Only 'her friend' and they even admitted as much, the zoe memorial fund was a grift to get some money for dope. No shit.

Bus_Aint_Comin - 2016-09-16

ouch! well at least i don't have to believe a lie

misterbuns - 2016-09-15

You guys spend too much time thinking about this.

Crab Mentality - 2016-09-15

I knew this video would be a lightning rod, so none of this is unexpected.

I'd like to say first that although I didn't have a specific grudge with Orcs, I certainly didn't feel upset when he was banned, to the point of putting up a video I'm sure he'd disagree with in his "honor".

A lot of comparisons have been made between him and Cena Mark- I remember the era when Cena was our resident troll, and I never remember feeling about him the same way that I did Orcs.

The reason for this is that we are the anti-Youtube.

In Youtube, the comments are nothing but a boiling cauldron of hate and stupidity. Just the most senseless, awful useless blind hatred.

With this site, I genuinely love reading the comments. The comments make the videos better, not worse. And I'm 100% behind disagreeing with people, but there's a huge difference between having a reasoned debate with someone, and throwing a cup of coffee in their face while screaming that they're an asshole.

Even if I were to agree with Orcs, I don't think I'd have wanted to keep talking to him.

electricdepression - 2016-09-15

I've been mostly lurking this site for years and enjoyed POE red and POE news before that. I rarely comment but I usually love reading the comments. They tend to be funny and aren't usually stupid.

misterbuns - 2016-09-15

The account has used the same incorrect spanish phrase "para tu" for as long as it has been posting.

Scrimmjob - 2016-09-15

Also the same lack of capitalization and punctuation.

bawbag - 2016-09-15

Judging by that video in the hopper, he's back.

Oscar Wildcat - 2016-09-15

God loves Orcs, coz he made so many of them. But yeah, they're all coming out of the same hunk of meat.

I am not sure why the user base, having a big memorial the first time he died, doesn't want another one this time. It could be a lot of fun. "I come to bury LotsMoreOrcs, not to praise him!". But who are we kidding. There will always be lots more Orcs. "They tried to bury Orcs, but they didn't know he was seeds..."

Scrimmjob - 2016-09-15


Scrimmjob - 2016-09-15

Poetv's newest user, fresh as of today.

Doc Victor - 2016-09-15

Not covering new ground really, but any hope of effectively conveying this message is lost in the manner of expression. It seems to me that this argument and others like it can't be made without claiming absolute moral high ground or intellectual superiority or merely smug self assuredness. It's like he doesn't want to talk down to us but he just can't help it.

Asking honestly, can this gap be bridged? Is it the messenger? Or is it really that inherent to the subject matter where we have to be condescending in order to get the point across?

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-09-16

The problem is that this message is ignoring what the complaints are actually about. When people complain about political correctness, they're referring to the tactic of arbitrarily labeling something as "wrong" (racist, etc.), and then using that label to justify the harassment, silencing, and harming of anyone or anything they disagree with or simply dislike. The basis of the complaints against PC is the use of claims to righteousness and victimhood to justify harmful actions.

In addition to being smug and self-congratulating, everything Tompkins is saying here is irrelevant. All he's doing here is patting himself on the back for agreeing with himself, and inviting the audience to do the same. This is the sort of thing people like Glenn Beck do for a living.

Waugh - 2016-09-20


pastorofmuppets - 2016-09-24

I think I said this somewhere already... but he's clearly not making a prescription about PC-ism in general. He's just saying that good comedy reflects the times.

Celebrate free speech if you want, but if you hit the comedy stage and start doing Eddie Murphy's "hey isn't this new word 'faggot' great, here's me using it in a lot of sentences" shtick, no one's going to laugh. But audiences used to laugh at that shit, because gays weren't people until... I dunno, a few years ago?

PFT's a busy dude and probably doesn't hang out on Tumblr. He probably doesn't know what the fuck a "gamer-gate" is. He probably never saw the video of the Yalie screaming about safe spaces because someone's wife wrote an email about another email questioning whether a school should tell its adult students which halloween costumes to wear.

We should all be so lucky.

Merzbau - 2016-09-16

so um

what'd i miss

That guy - 2016-09-16

nuthin much

Caminante Nocturno - 2016-09-16

Someone flew too close to the sun on wings of trolling, and a noticeable portion of this site responded by turning into a coven of gibbering clowns.

Jet Bin Fever - 2016-09-16


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