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Desc:Vinny torments Dan and Alex with his inability to remember a Running Man stalker.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:giant bomb, Giant Bomb East, Vinny, Fire Boylt, clearly he WAS fucking with them
Submitted:lieutenant halfabeef
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Comment count is 5
This playthrough is one of the best, funniest let's plays I've watched in a while, but this joke kinda loses something when it's taken out of the context of the original video.
lieutenant halfabeef
I submit that Vinny Caravella is the best Let's Player ever. Persona 4 Endurance Run is the best 90 hours I've spent watching someone play a game. Deadly Premonition is up there also.

Holy shit, they really *did* do a complete playthrough of Persona 4?

Is it Inferno? Or am I thinking of American Gladiators.
Sanest Man Alive
It's Fire Boy.

or Fire Truck?

Fire Bomb!

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