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Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, toothbrush, CATegorey
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 19
You can't has cavities
i can haz toxoplasmosis

That guy
brief thread hijack:

I did not see that hateful shit desc: of the SJW vid in the hopper when I upvoted it. I got there straight from the 'Recent Activity' pane. Now I can't edit it.

Sometimes I think that calling this site Internet 1.0 is a fairly rosy view.
That guy
Also, it looks like there are a bunch of sockpuppet new users if you play address-bar kindergarten hacker with the site.

Hateful and Hate-filled are not the same thing. Sorry, but that bugs me.

In any case, yeah. It looks like Orcs has been submittin' again!

We need moderators. Support isn't around enough to deal with this shit.

That guy
beta, I looked up the definition and I think I'm in the clear there.

If I suspect that that someone is trolling, I ignore that person. I ignore their submissions, I ignore their comments. As far as I'm concerned, they don't exist. I think if everybody took that approach, eventually the trolls would just get bored and leave. Telling off a troll does no good because that's the exact response they want--it means they got to you. Indifference is what they can't stand.

That's the thing though gravelstudios, ignoring them doesn't make them go away. It almost never works, they just cause more and more disruption until they get their fix.

'Don't feed the trolls' is one of those pieces of internet 1.0 advice that gets passed along and ultimately ignores the decades of experiences we've all had where trolls get ignored and -still- don't go away. What actually happens is usually escalation until it becomes a 'safe space' for trolls only.

Then of course, in the specific case of orcs he had his little clique of sycophants so even if all of the rest of us ignored him, they surely wouldn't. So he gets both attention and gets to dominate and silence much of the discourse around here which was my initial problem with his posting even before he went full turner diaries.

Oscar Wildcat
Banning him has simply driven him into the ventilation ducts. Now he'll be popping up at random. This is superior to the previous situation how?

Let a thousand flowers bloom, I say. For that, we need a peck of fertilizer.

It was trivially easy to figure out from his posts who exactly he is, his names, social media accounts, old mugshots etc and it puts a huge hole in the idea that he's 'just trolling'.

He's a legit exhibit and I will have no compunction about holding his junkie ass under the spotlight here if he is, in fact stupid enough to return.

aaand just in case he's reading: N.O.B, look familiar?

"We need moderators. Support isn't around enough to deal with this shit."

100% agreed. Very unlikely to happen though.

Orcs is gone far as I can tell.

The racist still submitting shit occasionally is probably BENNR

Oscar Wildcat
Yes, the Austin PD does some good portraiture work.

poorwill: We have pms of POE Hosting as an admin now.

Robin Kestrel
That looks like my cat.
helps prevent gingervitis

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