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Desc:You can't do that on television!
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Abortion, keith olbermann, bojack horseman
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Doc Victor
This has held my attention far longer than I ever expected it to, but I feel as if the joke may have gone on too long. The effective surprise poignancy of some moments in the first season have come full circle and kind of made it collapse under the weight of its own self dictated seriousness at this point. I will keep watching though. A slave obeys.
The show started taking itself far too seriously. It worked great as a stupid comedy will occasional hints of deep seated loneliness, but now it's just a series of very special episodes and every character seems miserable.
There are still plenty of shows out there if all you want is dumb jokes about celebrities. Bojack was never really about that, though.

So not true. Mr. Peanut Butter and Todd are genuinely pleasant, happy people. Mr. Peanut Butter is a natural optimist that is loyal to a fault and sees the best in everybody. Todd is a parasite, but he is also incredibly loyal and he is content with his life. Even Princess Caroline exhibits a degree of contentment, she's just beset upon by her awful clients and Bojack's lack of professionalism.

I haven't watched the show. I figure I'll check it out eventually. I think this scene rocks. It seems more of jab at Miley Cyrus' in your face edginess than it is of social issues.

MLP is still good!
Looks like they came up with a way to write out Princess Flurry Heart.

Too soon!

This lasers in this video raise an important question: Would the right still oppose abortion if you could do it with a gun?
Look I don't mean to make a judgment on a show I've never seen...but I've tried to watch the first episode over 5 times and I've fallen asleep every single time. And I have insomnia.
It's because you're expecting Scooby Doo. Bojack is about having a lonely drink at night contemplating all you life's failures and wanting to do better but feeling incapacitated by your own expectations of failures.

Break the wall, man.

Sanest Man Alive
I can do that just fine without TV's help.

What's that? No TV, I didn't say anything! Come on, show me some more Shark Tank! I love you, TV.

Anyway, Scooby-Doo is boring, too. Mystery Inc. was just an extreme outlier case.

The first episode is also the worst one of the whole series. Bojack takes four or five episodes to get really good, but then it gets REALLY good.

I'll give it another shot

Rodents of Unusual Size
This is a POETV theme song if ever I heard one.
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