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Desc:Joysticks out for Harambe
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:Mugen, Capcom, politically incorrect, Harambe, jimmies were rustled in the submission of this vid
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Comment count is 9
Caminante Nocturno
Spinning bird kicks out for Harambe.
I'd like to play this game but its only for PC.
Shanghai Tippytap
i never quite 'got' the harambe meme. is it a dogwhistle? is it a black people thing?
William Burns
It is a forced meme first, racist dog whistle second. I think.

It only recently was used as a racist thing towards Leslie Jones, but my downvote was because it's so fucking played out.

Actual facebook memeshit, one star and my jimmies remain unrustled.

I don't think it's a dog whistle thing at all, although I'm sure in the fetid corners of the 'net people use it for whatever purpose suits them. It's just a reaction to the outrage addicts on social media. There was a trending tag for a while after he got shot #justiceforharambe, and it was eventually usurped by #dicksoutforharambe, and since the outrage addicts haven't gone anywhere, neither has the meme.

I think what happened is that someone noticed that a lot of the people spamming #justiceforharambe were the same fucks who had mocked or belittled tags like #justicefortrayvon or #justiceforsandrabland in the past. So Harambe became a popular example of internet hypocrisy and the general willingness of people to jerk off to a tragedy so long as it doesn't involve uncomfortable questions about race, thus #dicksout.

Of course since then the original meaning has been lost and it's basically just "LOL DANK MEMES" now.

Just today in fact I decided to quit 4chan permanently - even /s/ and /tg/. It did too much to enable Trumpism, and fuck that.

Epic memes bro.
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