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Desc:Being an a**hole seems to be a thing these days...
Category:Crime, Nature & Places
Tags:Jerks, death valley, vandals, Sailing Stones
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Strap and crap
Comment count is 15
Stop being such a fucking PC fascist nature fag trying to take -our- land from -UUUUUS-!

Great stuff


A few things:

1) The alleged act of vandalism is neither uncommon nor irreparable; the article mentions that people drive on the landscape every few years, and park rangers have procedures in place to fix the damage.

2) this admittedly-reversible damage is of relatively minor consequence, being merely aesthetic, not ecological.

3) unless there have been updates on the story, we currently have no information about the identity of the driver(s) responsible for this. It is premature to speculate on who they may be, let alone construct a detailed, hateful socio-political narrative about them.

4) with that said, I'll laugh if this turns out to be the work of yet another Muslim Hillary-supporter.

Obviously the work of tech bros.

Solro, you got all of that out of tire tracks on a dried riverbed? There's a bent stop sign down my street that I think you'd get a kick out of.

But, seriously, no question it was tech bros.

The right wing militia types have taken up the idea that national parks are government fascism and defacing said parks is their protest.

They really believe that.

Spaceman Africa
I'm honestly a little surprised far-right environmentalism hasn't become en vogue.

Regardless of their politics (or lack of), the vandals did make the effort to travel to a remote and out-of-the-way place accessible only by a dirt road, marked by "no vehicle" signs. Could as well been just some stupid kids being reckless, although the far-rightists would still be dismissive of any public outcry wrt damage done to natural landmarks.

>>The right wing militia types have taken up the idea that national parks are government fascism and defacing said parks is their protest.

I refuse to believe that. It is just too stupid. I refuse!

I'm with SolRo on this one. My nuanced guess is that these are dumb kids of dumb right-wing anti-environmentalists.

Robin Kestrel
But it said "racetrack", your Honor!
Well that sucks
Gwar were right.
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