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Desc:This is for you, Neo-PoeTV!
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:puppets, square dancing, gender, sexuality, funny of die
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 23
That guy
How DARE you, Albuquerque Halsey.
That guy
Actually, this video wasn't that good. I just like the 30% chance of a shit-storm.

What's wrong with Steven's teeth.

Not terrible but way too long. I made it about half way and got bored. This would have been a solid bit in season 2 of South Park I guess, but it's 2016, who really cares?

Actually according to Wikipedia, gender wasn't even used to refer to organsims at all util the 50s, it was purely a gramattical term and its adoption as a sociological term has ALWAYS been to refer to socially constructed roles so yeha, as I suspected gender is, by definition, a construct (social or grammatical depending on context).

It's also a pretty sweet instrument:


Although you probably wouldn't see just one because appropriately enough they come in male and male varieties that are almost exclusively played in pairs (and unlike people, the gender of gender is, in fact, a physical trait, they are tuned something like 6 cents apart from each other).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the semantic shitstorm, because much like baseball I really don't care which team wins, so I can enjoy seeing how the game unfolds.

Old Zircon:
Its 2016...word salad...word salad...anyway im looking forward to the shitstorm

That guy
Fine, I'll bite.

Without playing around with definitions all day, gender is only partially a social construct. Any talk of it being an absolute social construct is stupid religious talk, and I'm not of the fucking religion of the people who infinitely sweat this shit. They need to realized that their shit is a religion and go fuck themselves already.

Whether you're basically fair and kind to people and value their individuality, or not, is not going to be increased or reinforced by the metaphysics of the 2016 university. That shit is fucking bankrupt.

The science behind it, and people's experiences, I respect. The metaphysics can go swim in diarrhea.

I am waiting for the funny of die tag to get linked.
I don't have the hermeneutical resources to make sense of this video.
That guy

Standing around in an amorphous blob is how I dance anyway.
Thing is, time is also a construct, and constructs are based in universally accepted agreement that allows for efficient management of society. We have constructs to minimize the time we'd otherwise waste with negotiable details that are subjective. Money, like time and gender, is a construct which allows us to objectively declare the value of things. I think a large part of this "gender is a construct" non-issue is that it's just more efficient to stick with it than not. Not everybody is hep to your semiotic dissertations and maybe it's just a matter of politeness to pee where everybody has already decided you should pee, because ultimately it's literally about which hole you are going to micturate into. It's not important and if you define yourself by that banal distinction i find you boring, uncreative and you're missing out on so many spiritual/intellectual dimensions I worry you're also a two dimensional stamp.
And then you had to make it about bathrooms, like a god-damn retard.

That guy
oh, SolRo

Never met a complex thought he didn't react to.

Cog, I hate to disturb your mystical journey through all the intellectual/spiritual dimensions (I think Doctor Who went to one of those once) but you've managed to completely miss the point of the "Gender is a social construct" argument.

If gender is a construct, then it can be, and in fact has to be, flexible in order to remain relevant. Because constructs are never set in stone. The way we tell time has changed dramatically over the ages, and entire chunks of our planet tell time differently from us. We can't even globally agree on what YEAR it is, which is pretty odd for a "universally accepted agreement." Marriage is a social construct too, but somehow it changed from "a dude basically purchasing a woman" to "two people who may or may not have matching genitalia throwing a big fancy love party," because we reached a point where the old definitions of the construct no longer worked and so they changed.

Social constructs change to fit the needs of people, not the other way around. Right now the old definitions of gender aren't working for large numbers of people, and this is causing serious problems, up to and including people being assaulted or worse for something as innocuous as using a toilet. That means the construct is fucked, and so it's time for it to evolve to fit the era. And it will, because that's what social constructs DO.

All right, I'll do a rain dance here to increase the likelihood of imminent shit storm.

Race is also a social construct.

Have at it.

The racist rain dance is best performed by Johnny Depp's Lone Ranger character.

This was funny. People that think making a joke about something is "baiting" have gone so deep into the tunnel that sunlight isn't reaching them any more.

Sounds like a wind tunnel!

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